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Thursday, August 4, 2016

What's Cooking for Interviews?

It's August 2016 and it is time for interviews at the mission home...again!  As Elders focus on meeting one on one with President Dunn- I am hosting a food demonstration in the kitchen. We are also focusing on ways we can explain and teach about the Word of Wisdom to investigators.
L-R- Elders Magesi, Warnock, Muweire, Luweire, Ebite, and Mugenyi
Elder Luweire is demonstrating how to make dumplings to cook inside the beef stew.

The dumplings added a fun element to the beef stem.

I loved trying the dumplings. They were delicious and added even more to our trial slow cooker dish.

This first group form Bedfordview Zone enjoyed making and eating rice, slow cooked beef stew and dumplings.
Elder Muweire, Luweire, Mpiyaki, Downs, Warnock and Ebite.

The second group of the day added some flapjacks that Elder Cowan made and brought. They were delicious and added a nice touch to put with the stew as a savory crepe. Elders are invited to bring recipes and share and to bring the food as a sample if they can.

At the end of this first interview day, we had the Assistants, Elder Pickup and Elder Dean join with us for a dinner meeting and catch up and do some mission planning. Elder Pickup also just had a birthday so we had to celebrate with them.
Great start to the interviews.

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