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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Benoni Boys (I mean Elders)

Here come the boys (I mean Elders) from Benoni for a day of interviews. This is our largest zone, so we are prepared for an 8 hour day of Elders coming and going so they can each meet with President Dunn for a personal interview

The first group arrived right on time. with Elder Bergman and Elder Campbell leading the way as the zone leaders.
Elders Bergman, Katia, Va;ikoula, Kuyangepi, Ahome'e, Wikaira and Campbell

We started to day with a workshop on the Word of Wisdom and how to share this important principle of the gospel best. We also focused on how to LIVE it ourselves. It was a nice way to start our day, with a little companionship study on an important topic. everyone participated and the zone leaders led the discussion.

We then practiced "opening our mouths" in another going into the kitchen and sharing recipes.

Elder Campbell brought a great scone recipe to share. He made them and everyone got to try one. We will share his great recipe in the next Cumorah Crest. Great job- Elder Campbell
*they were delicious and easy to make

Meanwhile- in the Assistants Flat behind the mission home- two missionaries were recovering from an all nighter at the emergency room. Elder Ferguson and Elder Weidmann were on exchange when Elder Weidmann began to have severe stomach pain. After consulting with the area doctor, we had them go get everything checked out to make sure it was not something more serious than stomach distress.  They received normal test results, but lost a lot of sleep. So, we had them with us for the rest of the night and into the morning. Luckily, they then headed back to their area.

Next group up- the Daveyton District
Elders Bakes, Elder Adams, Elder Jennings and Elder Malunga
We are focusing our workshop on all the ways to make great meals with fruits and vegetables. Having the missionaries bring any recipes they can share is also a fun way to add more variety to what we are learning today about living the Word of Wisdom and seeking balance and variety and moderation in all things.

We made more food after our workshop. They were all enthusiastic about preparing and sampling healthy foods made with fruits and vegetables.

President Dunn posing with this great Daveyton District, headed up by Elder Adams

The last group was a group of 10, due to transport issues. So we had a little time before we all got of course a little food ball and ping pong filled in some time before the workshop began.

I prepared slow cooker recipes for all the missionaries to sample. I also demonstrated how to make it, so they can go home and do the same. They cut up all the ingredients for the next batch, while enjoying one that had cooked for 10-12 hours already!

They are attentive aren't they? :)

Elders Derera, Elder Reynolds,Elder Shamanga, Elder Gramu, Elder De La Cruz, Elder Allen

I had great helpers in the galley doing the dished with  Elder Lambert, Elder Tinirau and Elder Reynolds

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  1. Lucky elders to get all this fun food + cooking lessons!