President and Sister Dunn

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Zoning In again- Benoni

On Wednesday August 31, 2016 we spent our last day of August out in Benoni with Elders in their zone. Thanks to our Zone Leaders, Elder Bergman and Elder Campbell for setting up a great schedule for us.

We started the day studying with Elder Wikaira and Elder Katia. They are on week 5 of the 12 week training program.

In addition to a great study session, we were impressed with the orderliness and cleanliness of their flat.
We watched Elder Lambert and Elder Wikaria trade investigator information.
Thanks Elders -for a great study hour.

We then headed to township where they had a lesson set up for a recent convert. Elder Lambert and Elder Tima were with us.

This new member recently moved into this place with the help of the missionaries and the member who lives on this property.

We had a great lesson with Josea today.

He is a humble man who is so faithful and making lots of changes in his life.

Next stop Daveyton Chapel.....

where we met up with Elder Smalley and Elder Jennings.

We followed them to Daveyton township where we taught a follow up lesson with this new convert, Promise> (Isn't that a great name?)

We all could not resist pausing to see the puppies.

A nice day to be together with Elders and recent converts and investigators in Benoni! These are such great days for us to be out in the mission and seeing lessons being taught and interaction happening. We learn alot. 

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Service Projects!

I am always on the look out for service projects.  Wendy Malpage from the Randburg ward has found a series of pre-schools to help with.  I am making the effort to see what she is engaged in so I can involve missionaries where appropriate.

Today I met her in Alexandra township and participated in a painting project.

She identified this school and the needs and brought some friends to day to help paint the exterior with bright colors.

I loved getting to paint the big blue heart!

Sandy is a friend of Wendy's and she brought her two sons to help today.

Here are the wonderful teachers, who also have their own children.
Here they are together.

 Speaking of the children, look what I found inside!
Over 20 little 4-5 year olds. They were all being so quiet and well behaved. It was amazing.

  Later the inside will be re-painted and new educational posters ordered  for the walls. They also want to build a shaded play area outside for the children.

   These two brothers did a great job painting the name of the pre-school on the outside. Their mom Sandy brought them here today- but they have been involved with service projects with their school. I was delighted to meet them and be able to tell them more about our missionarues and the service they render.
As I drove away I was impressed by the efforts of these few people today- caring about others and do something they can do. I hope to get more missionaries invovled in community projects throughout the year- not just on an annual helping hands day!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Branch conference in Klerksdorp

Klerksdorp Branch Conference
Sunday August 29, 2016
We headed to Klerksdorp today to participate in their annual branch conference. This is a mission dependent branch, so it is very special to be able to support them for the conference. President Robbins shared a great message, despite a death in their family yesterday. His mother in law passed away in their home and they are dealing with an unexpected loss. He left after sacrament meeting- we send them our love at this difficult time.

Elder Jangao was joined by Elder Dionisu this week with the transfer. They both seem very enthused about the work in this area.
Great meeting- great talk- New converts!  A member had a birthday this week and her daughter sent these beautiful flowers to her and she shared them with the branch today.
Elder and Sister Duncan have been here less than 2 months and have jumped right in. Elder Duncan is serving as a Counselor in the Branch Presidency and Sister Duncan is serving as the Primary President.  
The Young Men of the branch are a dynamic group. They were all hanging out after church in the YM room. 
There are so many long standing members here in Klerksdorp and many new investigators.
This great recent convert, JJ, got baptized on July 24th 2016. Today he brought 2 of his colleagues to church for the first time. How impressive it was that he would invite his co-workers and share his new found church with them. 
Members hosted a great lunch after the branch conference.
They served samp and chicken stew with salad and pudding.

chicken stew

Fresh salads

bread and butter
A great group. I was honored to get to help a bit. 
A great kitchen crew! 
Saying goodbye at the end to our missionary sons. 
There is always someone that wants to talk .... 
to President Dunn
and get his picture taken. 

And wanted to wear President Dunn's mission tag. He hopes he can someday be one!