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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Centurion Comes!

On Wednesday August 10, 2016 the Centurion Zone came to the mission home for a day of interviews. Led by Elder lefthand and Elder wegrowski, this is a zone full of 16 Elders that are working hard in the Centurion area.
Here is the first district, arriving right on time and even with food in hand to share with everyone.
Elder Musiiwa, Elder Lino, Elder Jorgensen and Elder Sorge with President Dunn (sampling some of our new recipes)
We started today with some questions they all took time to think about and fill out before our discussion and "Open Your Mouth" workshop.
 Here are the questions and introduction to the workshop:

Opening Your Mouth
….….in more ways than one!

“Opening Your Mouth” (O.Y.M) is a new SAJM key indicator. In this month when we are all focusing on OYM’s, think about “Opening Your Mouth” to healthy good foods that help you live what you are preaching, while you enjoy the benefits of putting good food IN to have better OUTcomes in your life.

1. As we read D & C: 89- write down a phrase or word that stands out to you. Why?

2. What benefits have you found personally from living the Word of Wisdom? We all know the “Dont’s” of the Word of Wisdom- but what are the “Do’s” you also focus on?
3, How do you share the benefits of the Word of Wisdom in your teaching to investigators? What experiences stand out as you have helped others make changes in their lives in regard to the Word of Wisdom?

4. What foods do you regularly buy and prepare that are are healthy and encouraged in the Word of Wisdom?  What are foods or habits you need to personally eat less of, change or avoid?

We then moved into the kitchen for demonstrations and sapling of food that had been prepared.

The day started off impressive with Elder Sorge showing up with a homemade Curry Pork Chop dish made in their slow cooker. Very delicious  and very impressive that an Elder that has been out only 3-4 weeks, took the time to prepare and birng a homemade dish and recipe! It was healthy, delicious and easy to make.  We will include all the recipes shared in the green binder- coming in September at zone conference.
Next group came an hour later and started the survey questions.

We also moved into the kitchen and shared ideas about making healthy foods ourselves.

Elder Martinho impressed us with us homemade Coconut Peanut Chicken with rice dish. He has a special recipe that he makes back home in Mozambique. He shared this delicious dish with all of us and how he makes it.
Everyone prepared a slow cooker beef stew and learned how to make it.
Elder Manuma, Elder Tekurio, Elder Dean and Elder Martinho

Elder Randi, Elder Gwaka, Elder Manuma, Elder Tekurio and Elder Samuel
All these great Elders were part of the second group that came today!

The last and final group brought 3 food items to share. Elder Weg is trying out the split pea soup that Elder Sousa and Elder Smalley made. It had vienna's or hot dogs in it! 

We also had a chicken noodle dish brought to us by Elder Chingomanje and Elder Lino.

All in all, a great day with all the Centurion Elders. They were encouraged to "Open Their Mouths" more in terms of sharing the gospel to EVERYONE and especially being mindful about how they share the Word of Wisdom. It is best to share from personal experience of "opening Their Mouths" to healthy food.

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  1. So impressive! I like the OYM phrase applying to preaching and eating well :)