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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Service Projects!

I am always on the look out for service projects.  Wendy Malpage from the Randburg ward has found a series of pre-schools to help with.  I am making the effort to see what she is engaged in so I can involve missionaries where appropriate.

Today I met her in Alexandra township and participated in a painting project.

She identified this school and the needs and brought some friends to day to help paint the exterior with bright colors.

I loved getting to paint the big blue heart!

Sandy is a friend of Wendy's and she brought her two sons to help today.

Here are the wonderful teachers, who also have their own children.
Here they are together.

 Speaking of the children, look what I found inside!
Over 20 little 4-5 year olds. They were all being so quiet and well behaved. It was amazing.

  Later the inside will be re-painted and new educational posters ordered  for the walls. They also want to build a shaded play area outside for the children.

   These two brothers did a great job painting the name of the pre-school on the outside. Their mom Sandy brought them here today- but they have been involved with service projects with their school. I was delighted to meet them and be able to tell them more about our missionarues and the service they render.
As I drove away I was impressed by the efforts of these few people today- caring about others and do something they can do. I hope to get more missionaries invovled in community projects throughout the year- not just on an annual helping hands day!

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    Thank you!