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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Johannesburg Joins us for Interviews

On Thursday August 11th, 2016 the Johannesburg Zone Leaders arrive to usher in a day of interviews with their wonderful Elders. Elder Dube and Elder Zitumane lead out and share their great examples of serving with all their heart, might and mind.
The first group arrived at 9 am!
Elders Kilgore, Weidmann, Ferguson, Mazinyane, Zitumane and Dube.

Elder Mazinyane is the district leader and preapred a lesson on the merits of the Word of Wisdom.  He discussed common ways that investigators react and how to be most prepared to share the blessings of this code of health. We had a great discussion.

 We then moved into the kitchen where we had a demonstration regarding cooking with more fruits and vegetables.
 We shared best practices in roasting, sautéing and using fruits and vegetables in season.
 We then sampled all the food prepared. I had made a beef stew with the help of the Elders from Centurion. 
Elder Kigore and Elder Weidmann brought some decadent chocolate muffins. Yum! Hard to eat only one!
Elders Dube and Zitumane made their favorite meal: Curry rice with a beef stew. It was delcious and they brought enough for everyone to sample.
After we sampled all the food, we used the remaining time to practice roasting and preparing vegetables for delicious consumption! Here Elder Kilgore is roasting a pan of tomatoes.
Elder Ferguson is our mushroom man~
Elder Mazinyane learned how to cut up and roast cauliflower and broccoli. 
Elder Zitumane sliced and diced red peppers.
Butternut squash is another option for roasting. It is my favorite vegetable of all of these. Elder Weidmann assisted in all the vegetable prep.
Sister Irene always helps with the demonstrations. Today we also had her sample Elder Zitumani's stew. Thumbs Up!  
Elders Zitumane, Mazinyane, Kilgore, Ferguson, Deichmann, and Dube.
Next up:
The next group included Elder Stevenson, Elder Flack, Elder Engrom and Elder Mavuso
Each of the companionships brought food to share today for the workshop.
We started with a great lesson by Elder Flack on the Word of Wisdom. He generated many good ideas on how to present this lesson to investigators and shared a fun visual game/lesson his mother sent him  to use on his mission. It is a fun way to teach families (especailly with childre) on how to make good choices in regards to how we spend our time and make food choices.
I loved the garbage can to put all the "bad" things for
Good job mom for sending such a great object lesson. We all benefitted from this fun idea packet.
Elder Mavuso and Elder Engrom brought a recipe they had asked for from a member. It was impressive that they had enjoyed a dish she made for them, so they called and asked her to give them the recipe. I am sure she was flattered and appreciated that they really had enjoyed her food.  I was impressed that they took the initiative to try a recipe they had never made. 
We talked to day about eating more fruits and vegetables. WE made a sample of a fun fruit treat, made with frozen pineapple, frozen banana and coconut milk. Elder Engrom cut up his first pineapple to make a sample for us. 
Elder Flack and Elder Stevenson brought some delicious peanut butter cookies made from a recipe already in the green binder. They were delcious and they said they make them often to give away to members and investigators. They reminded us about this recipe and said that there are only 3 ingredients- flour, sugar and peanut butter. Easy and delcious.

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