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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Uncle Sam

Uncle Sam

On Saturday August 27, 2016 we hosted a zone leader dinner and training. Our family friend, Sam Baldwin was in town and we used the opportunity to have him mingle with and speak to our missionaries. Sam served over 7 years ago in the Madagascar Mission.

Our missionaries started calling him "Uncle Sam" and it stuck, so we called him that all night.
He just completed law school in Washington and planned a trip back to his mission at the culmination of a lot of hard work.
He reached out to us to see if we could connect while he was here. We had him for only a few nights and tonight we planned a special gathering.
We fed everyone dinner first and asked them to all sit by someone other than their companion.

After, we gathered in the living room and shared ideas. Sam told them secret gems from his mission.
He told them to all have a page in PMG that is their personal favorite. His was page #7. He went through this page and told why it is the most important message a missionary should know.
We felt that the new zone leaders would benefit greatly from Sam’s perspective and example. He loved his  mission and served in a lot of leadership roles.

We finished with a rousing mission song. It is an inspiring way to finish!

Good night all! We will see all the zone leaders again on Thursday at the Mission Leadership Council. Here Elder Dube and Elder Dean (Assistants) say good night to Elder Adams and Elder Nelson (Vaal Zone Leaders)

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