President and Sister Dunn

Friday, January 29, 2016

Down(s) for Lunch

On the last Sunday in January 2016 we gathered the new missionaries in Fourways area, Johannesburg Zone, Elder Downs and Elder Rouse with an amazing Fourways family for lunch. The Klintworth's, along with the Caldwell's joined the Elders and us for lunch right after church.
We love the opportunity to have a Sunday that seems like home. We shared success stories, new years resolutions and even a gospel message by the missionaries. we cannot do this very often, so we love it when we can gather such a group on Sunday.
Val and Kevin Caldwell with oldest grandson Kyle peeking through. We love these grandparents to the Klintworth kids. They are so great. As converts, they always share such insights and motivation for missionary work.

Val helped me ice the crescent rolls today with a grenadilla icing. (a new favorite South African favorite.)
Love having a full table of people we love! Garth (front right) serves as the 2nd Counselor n the Mission Presidency.
President Dunn exchanging with Kyle, Elder Rouse, Angus, Val and Elder Downs before they all left. 

Monday, January 25, 2016

Project Water Drop

In response to an urgent appeal by Jacaranda FM radio station  for help with ‘project water-drop’ (providing relief to severe drought stricken parts of South Africa), 12 missionaries from the Johannesburg mission accompanied by Busi  Ramegkoe and Sean Donnelly from the Area Office, reported for duty at the radio station.  Wearing Helping Hands vests the team went straight into action, loading trucks and palletising bottles for loading.  Later the radio station played an interview on the news reporting the Mormon Helping Hands efforts and interview with Sean Donnelly, mentioning the missionaries from all over the world, the name of the Church and the reason we serve.  Friends were made, and service rendered.

Here the team with Rian Van Heerden, breakfast show host from the station.

Women's Gathering

"A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.”–   Diane Mariechild  

You are invited to a Women's Lunch Gathering on 
Monday January 25, 2016, 
11am-1 pm 
at the South Africa Johannesburg Mission Home
21 Carnation Street, Roodepoort

We gathered today with a wide variety of wonderful women. Below are pictures from our day and you can see just how much everyone enjoyed being together. These are women that really make a difference for our missionaries. We shared some service opportunities in the community, enjoyed lunch together and visited. During lunch Mandy Holmes shared some tips on mindfulness form her counseling practice. It was a wonderful morning to lift, inspire and motivate!

Below are pictures from the pink packets that were made for young girls in South Africa. We are distributing these to a non-profit that gives training for young girls to keep them in school during their period, and encourage them to get an education. We had  almost 200 kits to donate thanks to the generosity of many wonderful women collectively in wards and stakes in Utah. It was an honor to share the love and commitment for this effort with the women that came today to the luncheon.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Service Lands Here

Service Efforts Land Here!

Twice in the past month I have received phone calls or e-mails from amazing people that have items to donate.  I usually have received a call that asked me if we can come to airport to accept a delivery and a gift to the people of Africa. I have been asked to be the organizer and distributor of these goods.
First, we were told about a great organization called Days for Girls International. This not-for-profit NGO humanitarian service helps support young women in South Africa by providing washable feminine hygiene for women that would otherwise go without. I received almost 200 kits that are beautifully sewn and lovingly packed by women in Utah, with the idea they were coming to South Africa.  If you want more information about this organization look at
I was appreciative of Mandy Holmes and her daughter Emily for offering to take the items for drop off to the DaysforGirls headquarters. 
My second call came from the family of Daniel Hahn. He is a young man form the Washington terrace 12th ward in the West Stake in Utah. He chose to do his Eagle Scout Project as a collection drive. He gathered shirts and ties for prospective missionaries in Africa.

With the MTC right in our backyard and so many missionaries serving here from 34 different countries, we are able to put these items to use. Great job Daniel. We will happily distribute you 200+ of both white shirts and colorful ties.
So, if this was not enough, on the very day I shared these amazing service efforts with women that gathered here, I had another service opportunity fall into our lap. Due to the drought in South Africa there is effort underway to provide water to those areas and people most heavily impacted. As a last minute request volunteers were desperately needed to help unload water off trucks today. We got the call for help and literally turned around and asked our Centurion Zone Leaders, Elder Swindlehurst and Elder Graham if they could rally their zone on their P-day to change plans and help in a moment of need. Of course they rallied and made a huge difference. Her are some pictures and her is the story from the day.
They did it and got there on very short notice and this group was able to wear the Mormon Helping Hands vests and share the gospel through their service.

The service happened at the Jacaranda News Station. This was great exposure for the Mormon Helping Hands efforts. 

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Back to Basics

The first transfer of 2016 saw some changes in the SAJM. We know longer are gathering for a transfer meeting, instead zones have transfer hubs (Stake center locations) where they are exchanging missionaries that are coming and going from their zones. We had a "pilot" run of this for the first transfer and it worked out pretty well for the first time.  Below are all the new policies that have come out of the mission president training we received right at the end of the year. It is a time to get "back to basic's" and make the most use of our limited time here on a mission. 
South Africa Johannesburg Mission
Policy Updates*
January 2016

*At the request of Elder Dallin H. Oaks, Chair of the Missionary Committee, we are implementing the changes below immediately.

In this New Year we have been asked to get “Back To Basic’s” by the First Presidency and focus on these 5 words as our primary purpose in 2016: “Teach Repentance and Baptize Converts.  In order to do this, we are streamlining and simplifying specific aspects of the SAJM..  Below are the 6 Area’s for simplification:

Transfers news of new areas and companions will come the Saturday evening prior to transfers after 9:30 pm. AP’s and Zone Leaders will make a plan to transport Elders to new areas. Stake centers will be used as drop off and pick up points. No transfer meeting will be held. Travel to mission office on transfer day is limited to trainers and departing Elders.

There is renewed focus on exchanges. Everyone is to have one meaningful training opportunity each transfer by a district leader, zone leader or Assistant.  Exchanges are for 24 hours and beginning with nightly study at 9 pm, when possible. Coming to the area of the leader will be encouraged when transportation allows.

Proselyting Materials:
Proselyting materials are to be ordered for a 6 week period on the Monday following transfers by 5 pm. Additional distribution opportunities will occur at zone conferences and/or interviews. Zone leaders will deliver materials on the 2nd Friday at district meetings.

Consumable supplies, i.e over-the-counter medications, household cleaning products, soaps, toiletries light bulbs, paper towels, etc. are to be paid for by missionaries with their allotment card. Renewed focus on budgeting and saving will be a focus in the mission as part of encouraging self-reliance.

Mission Office:
Missionaries are not to drop-in at the mission office unless for a specific appointment. Meetings with President Dunn or car related training/business are the types of reasons allowed. Missionaries need to stay in their zone areas on P-days, unless special permission is granted. No supplies or publications will be distributed on a drop-in basis.  Newsletters will be distributed to the 2nd District meeting of the transfer. Mail will also be delivered with supplies and proselyting materials and at zone conference/interviews. In cases where more mail arrives, senior couples or AP’s will bring to zone or district meetings in a timely manner.

Cars and Flats:
Zone Leaders will distribute green cards each transfer for acceptable care and cleaning of cars and flats. These final scores (and cards) for the transfer period will be distributed to during district meeting on the 6th week of the transfer and a complete list of scores will be turned in to President Dunn for review at the same time. Green card recipients will be recognized at zone conference and/or interviews. Missionaries who receive yellow or red cards will be contacted for improvement measures by President Dunn.

Farewell to Four Fine Elders!

 The link above is final testimonies form these 4 great Elders.

Departure day for 4 Fine Elders: Elder Adjei, Elder Nwokedi, Elder Arthur and Elder Carter

Elder Adjei, Elder Carter and Elder Arthur posing by the Johannesburg Temple before going in for their last temple trip as an SAJM missionary. The Johannesburg temple is celebrating it's 30th year Anniversary this year. It is one of 2 Temples in South East Africa, with 2 more slated for construction.
Elders are getting a quick training on what is in their departure packet by Sister Dunn. Afterwards they are completing a scrapbook page for the 2014-2017 departing SAJM mission book!
We then served lunch with our trusty helper  Elder Masoka. He and Elder Pickup are so helpful and fun to have helping us at every turn.
Lunch is on! Thanks to Sister Irene for making her delicious "pap."

Sweet time to reflect and visit. 
 Another sweet time to reflect and visit. President Dunn completes a final interview with Elder Nwokedi. It was extra special this one could be on the temple grounds after completing a session with all the departing missionaries. 

We then took Elder Nwokedi to the airport. He is the only one flying out tonight due to his European destination of  Denmark. We have loved having him with us for 3/4 of his mission. He also served for the past 10 months in leadership positions. We love him and pray for his safe arrival home...

(postscript) ......especially since he missed his flight because he was busy teaching a gospel lesson to someone in the airport. We have him sleeping here in the mission home tonight and hope we can get him headed for home tomorrow.  I told him to continue to teach and talk to people about the gospel, just make sure you are on the flight before you begin teaching!!:)
Elder Adjei