President and Sister Dunn

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Nelspruit News!

On Saturday January 16, 2015 the Nelspruit building hosted an Open House and it was a Blockbuster event. Over 106 people were in attendance for this well planned afternoon.
The missionaries had been passing out flyers for the past month and the members under the direction of the Branch President, President Manjate, they were really organized. They came early and had stations set up all throughout this nice new building.

 Actually the building is over 100 years old, and was  originally owned by an Anglican church. Recently the LDS church purchased the building and now the members are reaping the rewards.

President Dunn gave his bear fireside called Bears and Prayers about surviving a grizzly bear attack in 2996 to an interested audience. As said, over 100 people were in attendance and very interested.

After the bear talk, Elder Scott ( our beloved senior missionary) helped organize those visiting for the first time into 4 groups. They were led by enthusiastic ward members on tours through every program.

The YW shared all about their programs, values and activities.

Leaders in the Primary shared all about the wonderful programs for children. They had made great visual darling children were involved as well.
The missionaries shared a session on the Whys? Whats? How? When? ….of being a missionary. They also offered materials to anyone interested. They were inundated with interest and requests. Pictured above is Elder Broadhead, Elder Masoka and Elder Kuyangepi with a ward member who helps with missionary work.

Sister Scott along with the branch members prepared food for the open house and everything was consumed. There were delicious brownies, chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal cookies and sandwiches and drinks. It was a nice reward for those participating in the tours.
President Dunn and I felt very honored to be with these great Saints for this historic event. 

It was a wonderful opportunity to  meet so many people and welcome them into this new building.
A bittersweet part of the Nelspruit Open House was that it will be one of the last big events for Elder and Sister Scott. They have served faithfully since arriving here just 18 months ago. They are serving their second full time mission and they have been absolutely wonderful in the Nelspruit branch. They have helped bolster the support this branch and make things like this great event come off so smoothly. This picture above is from the day they arrived in August 2014. We will be taking them to the airport on February 11, 2016 to bid them farewell. We were so delighted to be able to spend time with them this weekend and let them know how appreciated they are.


  1. Love Nelspruit! You guys look SO cute especially in that last pic! Also...interesting that dad's bear attack was in 2996 ...hehe or was that a typo? ;)