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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Back to Basics

The first transfer of 2016 saw some changes in the SAJM. We know longer are gathering for a transfer meeting, instead zones have transfer hubs (Stake center locations) where they are exchanging missionaries that are coming and going from their zones. We had a "pilot" run of this for the first transfer and it worked out pretty well for the first time.  Below are all the new policies that have come out of the mission president training we received right at the end of the year. It is a time to get "back to basic's" and make the most use of our limited time here on a mission. 
South Africa Johannesburg Mission
Policy Updates*
January 2016

*At the request of Elder Dallin H. Oaks, Chair of the Missionary Committee, we are implementing the changes below immediately.

In this New Year we have been asked to get “Back To Basic’s” by the First Presidency and focus on these 5 words as our primary purpose in 2016: “Teach Repentance and Baptize Converts.  In order to do this, we are streamlining and simplifying specific aspects of the SAJM..  Below are the 6 Area’s for simplification:

Transfers news of new areas and companions will come the Saturday evening prior to transfers after 9:30 pm. AP’s and Zone Leaders will make a plan to transport Elders to new areas. Stake centers will be used as drop off and pick up points. No transfer meeting will be held. Travel to mission office on transfer day is limited to trainers and departing Elders.

There is renewed focus on exchanges. Everyone is to have one meaningful training opportunity each transfer by a district leader, zone leader or Assistant.  Exchanges are for 24 hours and beginning with nightly study at 9 pm, when possible. Coming to the area of the leader will be encouraged when transportation allows.

Proselyting Materials:
Proselyting materials are to be ordered for a 6 week period on the Monday following transfers by 5 pm. Additional distribution opportunities will occur at zone conferences and/or interviews. Zone leaders will deliver materials on the 2nd Friday at district meetings.

Consumable supplies, i.e over-the-counter medications, household cleaning products, soaps, toiletries light bulbs, paper towels, etc. are to be paid for by missionaries with their allotment card. Renewed focus on budgeting and saving will be a focus in the mission as part of encouraging self-reliance.

Mission Office:
Missionaries are not to drop-in at the mission office unless for a specific appointment. Meetings with President Dunn or car related training/business are the types of reasons allowed. Missionaries need to stay in their zone areas on P-days, unless special permission is granted. No supplies or publications will be distributed on a drop-in basis.  Newsletters will be distributed to the 2nd District meeting of the transfer. Mail will also be delivered with supplies and proselyting materials and at zone conference/interviews. In cases where more mail arrives, senior couples or AP’s will bring to zone or district meetings in a timely manner.

Cars and Flats:
Zone Leaders will distribute green cards each transfer for acceptable care and cleaning of cars and flats. These final scores (and cards) for the transfer period will be distributed to during district meeting on the 6th week of the transfer and a complete list of scores will be turned in to President Dunn for review at the same time. Green card recipients will be recognized at zone conference and/or interviews. Missionaries who receive yellow or red cards will be contacted for improvement measures by President Dunn.

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