President and Sister Dunn

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Let's Face it!!

Elder and Sister Swan have been serving in the KaNymazane Branch in Mpumalanga for the past 18 months. They depart South Africa today (January 7, 2015)to head home to their home in Vancouver, Canada. But they leave a great legacy behind through their loving service. 

They also leave a tangible reminder with each and every member of the KaNymazane Branch with the individual portraits that Elder Swan lovingly painted and gave away to each person. Below is a copy of the 86 portraits he left behind. What a labor of love!


  1. 86 portraits??? This is incredible!! Wow, so touching and personal with different expressions and happy countenances. Glad I've been in that sweet branch so I love the people even more!

  2. What an amazing labor of love. I too, like your daughter, saw the "light of the Gospel" shining in their happy countenances. Sister Dunn, thank you for allowing us to feel the wonderful spirit of the SAJM through your wonderful pictures and comments. Bless you forever!

  3. How did you download all the portraits? Amazing to see them all together. Hate to see them leave.....would love to serve in that branch. Like your daughter said, just being in their branch once you love them immediately.