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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Potch gets good PR

Here is a bit good public relations info:  In Potchefstroom we have Elder Benson and Elder Jorgeson serving in this area. They were able to provide P-day service to an area where the senior couples are living.

Here is the report from the Charchenko's, the senior couple.

Our landlord and his wife put out a newsletter to all the residents of Casa Park (40+flats) where we live. It was written in Afrikaans. I used Google to translate it: 
"Because of Andries's absence, the manager and his wife experienced additional pressure which complicated their tasks. The two young American and British missionaries, friends of the Charchenko's offered their services and time spent in cutting the lawns and other tasks in the garden.  Many thanks to them. It is appreciated."

Note: their hard work made many friends here. One lady brought them out a cool drink, had a nice visit about why they are here, and gave them a bible. 

PS Elder Benson is doing a super job as a trainer and Elder Jorgenson is amazing at finding a scripture for every situation. They are a great team. We had 51 at Sacrament meeting Sunday, the most since we have been here, and that was with some sick, some working, and the college kids are not back yet. They are working hard and seeing results! We are proud of them. 

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