President and Sister Dunn

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Great Eight!

Picking up the "Great Eight" at the MTC on Tuesday January 19, 2016
This was a special transfer because our dear friends President and Sister Collins are saying good-bye to their last set of MTC missionaries. They get the new MTC President and Companion tonight at the airport and leave tomorrow.
Elder Schnepf, Elder Bakes, Elder Reid
Elder Stevenson, Elder Tinirau, Elder Lambert
Elder Martinho, Elder Wride
Elder Wride and Elder Reid with Sister and President Dunn
Elder Schnepf and Elder Bakes with Sister and President Dunn
Elder Martinho and Elder Stevenson with Sister and Pres. Dunn

Elder Lambert and Elder Tinirau with Sister and President Dunn

Early morning welcome: D & C 38

Meeting new companions over breakfast

Elder Avarell training Elder Reid
Elder Lambert being trained by Elder Broadhead
Elder Mapenda training Elder Stevenson
Elder Schnepf being trained by Elder Eki
Elder Wegrowski training Elder Martinho

This has been a great new transfer schedule for 2016. Everything went quite smoothly and we have 8 great new Elders in the SAJM!

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  1. They look like great new Elders! Fresh new transfer schedule for 2016 :)