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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Farewell to Four Fine Elders!

 The link above is final testimonies form these 4 great Elders.

Departure day for 4 Fine Elders: Elder Adjei, Elder Nwokedi, Elder Arthur and Elder Carter

Elder Adjei, Elder Carter and Elder Arthur posing by the Johannesburg Temple before going in for their last temple trip as an SAJM missionary. The Johannesburg temple is celebrating it's 30th year Anniversary this year. It is one of 2 Temples in South East Africa, with 2 more slated for construction.
Elders are getting a quick training on what is in their departure packet by Sister Dunn. Afterwards they are completing a scrapbook page for the 2014-2017 departing SAJM mission book!
We then served lunch with our trusty helper  Elder Masoka. He and Elder Pickup are so helpful and fun to have helping us at every turn.
Lunch is on! Thanks to Sister Irene for making her delicious "pap."

Sweet time to reflect and visit. 
 Another sweet time to reflect and visit. President Dunn completes a final interview with Elder Nwokedi. It was extra special this one could be on the temple grounds after completing a session with all the departing missionaries. 

We then took Elder Nwokedi to the airport. He is the only one flying out tonight due to his European destination of  Denmark. We have loved having him with us for 3/4 of his mission. He also served for the past 10 months in leadership positions. We love him and pray for his safe arrival home...

(postscript) ......especially since he missed his flight because he was busy teaching a gospel lesson to someone in the airport. We have him sleeping here in the mission home tonight and hope we can get him headed for home tomorrow.  I told him to continue to teach and talk to people about the gospel, just make sure you are on the flight before you begin teaching!!:)
Elder Adjei

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  1. Looks like a fun new way to do departure lunch!! Love the missing flight postscript..haha at least it was for good reason! Good job embedding that YouTube! ;)