President and Sister Dunn

Monday, February 27, 2017

Last MLC (Mission Leadership Council)

Thursday February 23, 2017
Mission Leadership Council
(last one for us)

Mission Leadership Conference was held this time in the Mission Home. Elder Zitumane and Elder Campbell did a great job preparing and making it an excellent meeting.
More details coming.

We started with some important announcements
..........and sharing information about the transition later this month when President and Sister Leavitt arrive.

The AP's also offered a training called "zone leader boot camp"!

We paused at noon and enjoyed lunch together

With  a little cranberry cake for dessert......
Elder Hlophe liked it!
After lunch each companionship shared the progress of their areas. Benoni Zone up first....and as you can see the others followed. It is important to hear comments and reflections from zone leaders about what is currently going on in their zones in regards to stats.

Elder Mazinyane and Elder Luweire talk about the Roodepoort Zone's progress.

Elder Hlpohe and Elder Wardle share about the Soweto Zone's numbers the past month.

Last, but not least, the Vaal Zone Leaders share about their growing area. They now have the distinction for having the largest zone and the biggest geographic area

Irene is in this picture. We appreciate her help on busy days like this.

So long...thanks for a great meeting and a great day together.

Benoni Interviews

We started our interview cycle with the Benoni Zone first up.  Each district came for a few hours and had interviews with President Dunn and also a workshop on Etiquette. over a lite lunch!
Elder(s) Mkhize, Jennings, President Dunn, Mpiyakhe, Stevenson, Higgs,Weidmann, Carr and Chirwa
Elder(s) Ebite, Jangao, Bakes, Valikoula, Gramu, Admason, Sister Dunn
Elder(s) Masiya, Matanga, Engrom, Smith, White and Dorn
We started with some reflection pages that each Elder prepared.

Followed by a lunch they set, prepared, served, cleared and cleaned up, all the while answering Etiquestte Questions.

Irene shared some Etiquette advice with them all.

The Zone Leaders, Elder Stevenson and Elder Mpiyakhe shared a lesson on how Christlike Attributes are tied to Etiquette. Everyone participated in the discussion.

This was a great start to the interviews. We love having Elders in their mission home getting some one on one time and a specific workshop that the Zone Leaders help with.

Nelspruit Interviews and Zoning In

We loved the opportunity on Friday 17 February to join the Nelspruit District. Elder Powell led a great meeting.

Elder Dionisiu, Elder Davey and Elder Murwira all contributed a lot. We also had Elder and Sister Black with us.

Elder Powell, Elder Davey, President Dunn, Elder Murwira, Elder Dionisiu

After district meeting we headed to the Black's flat and started interviews over lunch. We asked each Elder to create a refelction page for an SAJM scrapbook before we got started with the Etiquette Workshop.

President Dunn met with each Elder on the patio.

We were grateful to Elder and Sister Black for letting us be in their home....

and also for providing a delcious lunch. We used the food and opportunity to discuss Missionary Manners and Etiquette.

Later, we headed to the areas. Our first stop was the site where the new KaNymazane church will be located.

We met missionaries there and were delighted to see progress happening finally!

The fence is up and concrete forms were being poured today. This is a nice location for the church.

We then went to a lesson with Elder Dionisiu and Elder Muriwa

 in the village of KaNymazane

We feel honored to be associated with these great young men. Elder Murwira and Elder Dionisiu are doing a great job in KaNymazane.
Junionr is their investigator and today he invited all his school mates to join in the lesson. His aunt is a member and he is interested about learning more.
It was a great lesson on the Godhead and all of these young men participated fully.

Afterwards, they all agreed to come to the next lesson and read in between the pamphlets the mission aries gave to them.

We felt so fortunate to be along and see firsthand how effectively the missionaries were teaching.

This is Junior's aunt, who came out after the lesson to greet us.

Junior's mother was also there and she also came out and met us after the lesson. Maybe he can get her to listen in the future.

This was a great experience today with Junior and his schoolmates.

Next up- a chance to teach with Elder Powell and Elder Davey outside Nelspruit.

These great Elders took us to a lesson with a part member family. It was touching to see how supportive the missionaries and the wife have been to a father who is now on date for a baptism on 19 March. Great lesson taught by these two.
Great day in Nelspruit.