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Saturday, February 18, 2017

ASPIRE HIGHER: Summit Conference 2017 Program

On February 15, 2017 all the missionaries in the SAJM gathered together for a special zone conference
“Aspire Higher”

 Wednesday February 15, 2017
Walter Sisulu Botannical garden
Strelitzia Hall
       Elder Campbell and Elder Zitumane did so much to prepare for and conduct this special zone conference where all our missionaries came together for the worldwide broadcast training. We used the time together to bring other speakers and an activity with the entire mission.    President Dunn introduced the broadcast, which was so excellent and shown only to missionaries around the world.                   The missionary broadcast was almost  2 hours long and covered the purpose of missionary work and also a new and revised daily schedule.             
Worldwide Missionary Broadcast
Discussion followed- facilitated by President Dunn 

Why a Mission Matters:     President and Sister Lebethoa 
They have been called to preside over the Cape Town Mission starting in July 2017.  It was so great to have them with us for the Summit as special speakers. They shared their conversion stories and also their testimonies.
Gospel Goals:  Peter Foss 
Peter is an international executive who teaches leadership and time management. It was a great opportunity to have him bring his gospel experience together with his professional expertise to share some invaluable insights with our missionaries.

Musical Numbers: Elder Curriden and Elder Davis
Elder Wardle and Elder Davis, Guitar

Missionary Words for the Year

Home Optimism Time Humility Work Hard Happy Reason Habit Family Kingdom Challenge Prayer Love Depend Grow Draw Choose Plain Progress Better Patience Risk Remember Simplify Choose Joy Growth Desire Study Learn Push P.A.S.S. Legendary Journey Peace Better Dedication Diligence Charity Suffereth Long Seek Aspire Obedient Finishing Strong Learning Savior Unity Priority Follow Family Forward Remember Patience Accomplish Endurance Charity Connect Peace Becoming Become Potential Repent Determination Joy Work Better  Wisdom Remember Ask Act Discern Keep Hope Influence Remember First

Sister Dunn shared a short section on "Final Words" These are some of the "words for the year" that missionaries had identified in January. 

Special Lunch Time Speaker:
Lee den Hond, Entrepreneur

 Our lunch time speaker shared her story of overcoming obstacles as she became one of the few women and third South African woman to summit Mt. Everest. Her story is very inspirational and also very applicable to the obstacles and opportunities of mission life. 

An adventurist at heart, Lee den Hond has taken on many epic journeys of her own to change the journey of hundreds of others.
The endurance athlete has never shied away from a challenge. Some of her greatest quests include Ironman triathlons, Comrades Marathons, Two Oceans Marathons and many more of South Africa’s toughest races.
When den Hond decided to climb Mount Everest she was motivated to reach the top of the world’s highest peak not only by her own grit and determination, but by her vision to build a children’s centre.

Special thanks to Lynne Dallendar for arranging for Lee to speak to us today.

Senior Couples pictured here: Sister Duncan, the Hunts and the Jensens 

Final Musical Number- Vaal Zone

Final testimonies by Elder Masiya and Elder Irakiza who will be going home at the end of the transfer.
 Closure- President Dunn 
after the hike to Witpoortje Waterfall

We then had a slideshow and the Assistants surprised us with a special tribute at the end. It was so special for us and then they brought a gift forward and we could not believe that they had a bound set of scriptures made out of buffalo skin with a personalized SAJM stitched in the front and "Dunn's" on the back        

We love this generous gift and will always treasure this special scripture set from all our missionaries.

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