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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Sunday In Potch & Klerksdorp

This was a special Sunday as we headed to Ikakeng and attended meetings in both Potchefstroom and Klerksdorp.
We love being greeted by our missionary sons- Elder Luweire and Elder Galbraith. They were welcoming in Potch to everyone that arrived.

On this fast and testimony Sunday we were excited to be with Liesl and Sidney Robbins who were blessing their baby boy Dante today. 
Brother Sidney Robbins serves as the 1st Counselor in the Potchestroom branch presidency and today is a proud new father!
It was extra special for us because they were blessing him and asked President Dunn to offer the prayer. Ae have built a close relationship with them from the beginning and feel part of their little family by sharing in their journey.
The Robbins family came out for this special day of Dante's blessing.

Liesl's sister in law Vicky was there to support. Both their husbands serve in the leadership in their branches.

Sister Jensen with sweet sisters in the Potch branch. This darling little girl was also blessed today in sacrament meeting.

President Kwai Kwai called a new branch clerk today, Brother Pretorius. He and his darling wife are new members of the branch and adding so much.

Next up: Klerksdorp Branch
We then drove 30 minutes to Klerksdorp where President Dunn shared his experience of being attacked buy a grizzly bear in 1994. His fireside about the bear story was standing room only and a packed house of over 100 members from the three branches in Ikakeng. It will most likely be the last bear fireside we do in South Africa. It has been a wonderful way to invite members and investigators. President Dunn has probably shared the story 30 times at least in the past 3 years.

So many members showed up and I was able to pass out some primary materials my friend Lynne Dallendar shared with me for these sisters. They were so excited to get the music and materials for this year's primary theme, CTR.

Over 30 ommitted members from Jouberton arrived for the fireside. Their branch is about 20 minutes away.

Members from the Klerksdorp Branch

I had a friend show up today, Elizabeth Westhuizen. She and I met on a plane to Dubai and she told me she had just moved to Klerksdorp. I as so glad she would come and learn more about our church.

Vicky Robbins is a great support to her husband, President Robbins who has been the branch president for 4 years.

Elder Nielsen and Elder Lino serve in the Jouberton branch and are doing such a great job.

Elder Carr and Elder Bartice are holding down the fort in Klerksdorp. Changes are coming with the transfer and they will be changed. We are glad they could serve together.

We re grateful to the Duncan's for their service in Klerksdorp. They are loved by all the members.

It is great to see the missionaries in action with the members. Today Elder Lino and Elder Nielsen participated with the Joubeton branch with a baptism of the young girl they are speaking to.

Another great group that came to the fireside from Jouberton.

These faces make me so happy

President and Sister Dlambuzi from the Jouberton Branch. They are doing a great job and the numbers keep increasing in their branch.

What a great day interacting with so many great members in these three branches. You wouldn't guess that after a three hour block, members would come back for a fireside or travel long distances to participate...but they did.

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