President and Sister Dunn

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

New 2017 Missionaries

Today we welcomed 7 new Elders to the SAJM. They have great trainers and we are so excited to get such a sharp new group. The mission is growing because this transfer we got new Elders and no one is going home. So, the mission number went by 7 today!

Elder Mbaki from Cape Town with Elder Greener his new trainer.

Elder Siale is headed to Potchefstroom with Elder Galbraith today

Elder White has Elder Smith as his trainer

Elder Wolfgramm is training Elder Shephardson

Elder Zimba is headed to Soweto with Elder Davis as his trainer

Elder Palkki is being trained by Elder Cowan

Elder Pop is headed to Rustenburg with his trainer Elder Mbiriwiri


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