President and Sister Dunn

Saturday, February 18, 2017

ASPIRE HIGHER: Getting started

We started the day early and got a group picture before the program began.
And a little bit of a crazy one also!!
The Summit started early and missionaries began arriving before 8 am. Excitement and anticipation is in the air for this informative and special training opportunity where all the missionaries come together. This is a rare training situation and we all looked forward to it.
The Assistants were here before any one else- we also had the Larson's helping with an important passport and visa update for every missionary.
We use a day like this to capture many, many pictures of missionaries. So, be aware that there are many candid pictures to come. 
With all the rain this year, the garden looks so green and lush this year.

Follow the signs to Strelizia Hall

While we gathered everyone enjoyed a muffin, banana and juice.

After the morning session, missionaries enjoyed lunch on the lawn as we enjoyed pizza, salad and brownies before the afternoon session began.

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  1. Thank you so much for maintaining this blog, allowing us to take a small glance into our sons mission life! It has been a blessing for us!