President and Sister Dunn

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Friends come to visit!

On Thursday February 9, 2017 we greeted our dear friends the Foss's the Clements and Maureen (with Tom on his way later) to Johannesburg!
Peter and Serida Foss

Scott and Patti Clements

It means so much to share this great experience with our dear, dear friends!

It was extra fun to spend a P-day morning with them in the Cradle of Humankind

The lion rhino park was also a big hit!

Next, off to Stake Conference in Soweto

Fun to have Sister Irene there and part of the beautiful Soweto choir.

We were back for more on Sunday

Of course a tour of the mission office was in store.
......and a little bit of history at the Apartheid Museum.

And of course some fun meals together is always part of the experience.

We are so honored to have such great friends here to visit and learn more about the SAJM. Elder Campbell and Elder Zitumane helped serve this meal and we enjoyed their company for a Sunday dinner together.

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