President and Sister Dunn

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

A warm welcome!

The morning started early with 7 new Elders coming across the parking lot from the MTC.

We ran them each through 7 rotations for the first hour so they could learn from our senior couples and Assistants about the mission and where they are serving first and who is their trainer. Pictures below show the various stations and our great senior couples working to orient them in their first hour with us.

We then served a light breakfast and were joined by the trainers of these 7 new Elders.

It is nice to get acquainted over a little food.

The meeting then began and everyone was first introduced.

President Dunn and I shred some welcoming remarks.

Today the meeting ended with a Question and Answer discussion with the new missionaries and the trainers.

Welcome to our new Elders!

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