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Monday, February 13, 2017

Time to get Oriented

Mission cars started lining up outside the mission home on Thursday February 9, 2017.
On this day, we welcomed the last group to the SAJM Orientation. This is an extra special day for us because after 4 Orientation Days- this is our last one before we turn over the reins to President and Sister Leavitt at the end of this transfer on March 21, 2017.

It is wonderful to introduce these new Elders to their mission home and welcome them here.

The Assistants, Elder Campbell and Elder Zitumane do a wonderful job conducting and also introducing each other and having each companionship follow suit.

We take the time to show where each new Elder is from and then having the trainer tell what they have come to appreciate about their new companion in just the first 48 hours. 

Elder Kilgore and Elder Brumpton have been together a little longer, but we were glad they could be part of the Orientation since Elder Brumpton missed it with his off-cycle arrival.

Elder Pop and his trainer Elder Mbiriwiri, with Elder Zimba and his trainer Elder Davis awaiting their turn!

Elder Wolfgramm and Elder Shepardson

Elder Samuel introducing his new companion, Elder Sekholomi

Elder Davis and Elder Zimba

After the AP's presentation, we took a lunch break and had the new missionaries complete a South African trivia pop quiz. I have the quiz and answers at the end of this post. It helps them start right off knowing that South Africa is such a special place and they should immerse themselves in the culture.

The pop quiz gives the trainers a minute to play a few points while the worst is cooking on the Braai.

Lunch is served!

We even feed the Assistants...but usually always last!!

After lunch President and Sister Dunn do their part of the program. This was special and meaningful for us to day, since it was our last time. We were excited tot ell more about President and Sister Leavitt and know they will do a great job transitioning soon.
President Dunn always ends with his testimony of the Savior. The reason we are all engaged in this wonderful work is our love for Him and our knowledge of the great plan of happiness and the plan of salvation that hi Atonement makes possible.

Elder Zitumane closes the meeting and announces the singing of the mission song and prayer as our final steps today.

Thanks to Elder Smith for playing. His talent is so impressive!!

Elder Campbell helped serve up a chocolate malva pudding for after the meeting.
We took a few group shots on the lan..we had to start with one that included our beloved Irene Tshabalala. She loves these days when the house is full of missionaries and they love her presence.

Meet our new group to the SAJM:
Elder Brumpton, Elder Siaki, Elder Sekholomi, Elder Zimba, Elder Pop, Elder White, Elder Mbaki, Elder Palaki, Elder Shepardson

We feel lucky to be their mission parents for  this transfer. What a great group!

Traners and Companions all together.

We have an outstanding group of trainers.
Elder Kilgor, Elder Galbraith, Elder Mbiriwiri, Elder Greener, Elder Smith, Elder Cowan, Elder Wolfgramm, Elder Davis

We love these leaders and are so proud of their leadership abilities. They each will be such a wonderful trainer.
(We added Elder Samuel in this picture)

As Orientation is over, they all prepare to leave...and President Dunn captured some great candid photos below.

Goodbye--see you soon at the Summit on Wednesday 15 February!

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