President and Sister Dunn

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Special SAJM connections

Adam Swindlehurst was our first SAJM missionary to see once we returned..befor our homecoming n April 9th. Adam met us at the BYU Broadcasting Building on April 7th, which was actually his birthday. So fun to re-connect with our missionaries.

We also connected with Ryan who works at BYU Broadcasting and let us know he had served in London many years ago and had Bonnie and Chappie Winstanley as his mission presidents. The Winstanley's were one of the first South African couples to be called as mission presidents. Fun to make that connection.

In the same day we headed over the Benefits office to set up our account and met Cindy Marsden, who is Elder Marsden's mom. It was so fun to connect it all and see pictures of Elder Marsden with his percussion performance.

So fun to have her as a new friend on campus.

Before we left South Africa, we ran into a few mom's of our missionaries. It was so fun to meet Sister Mpyikake at the temple. She was so sweet about her son and it was so fun to meet her.

A few days before we met Sister Hlophe at the Johannesburg 1st ward. She was so darling and it was great to make this connection.
Just a few days ago, Jennifer Robison stopped by our house to pick up some items we shipped home for them. It was fun to connect with my South Africa friend here at my house. Jen and Ace are heading back to finish up their last year in their Humanitarian capacity.

Jennifer brought Lorna Wood with her. Lorna and Lowell Wood were the mission presidents in South Africa during the years of 1979-1982. They were also Jennifer's missin presidents and Lorna lined Jennifer up with Ace a few years ago. So fun to make this connection.
So, all of these pictures represent that the connections will continue to bless our lives.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Elder Latu- Forever in our Hearts!

Our beloved Elder Latu passed away on December 23, 2016 from injuries sustained in a car accident. In early January we met with every zone of missionaries and asked each one to hold Elder Latu's mission tag as they remember him. We got each and every missionary in this photo collage below which is now framed and hangs in the mission home, as well as one that was sent to the Latu family in New Zealand.

I also have included the actual color photos we made the collage from. I tried to get all the Elders when we took these photos during individual zone meetings. I think we have most of the individual ones captured here.

Below are some special pictures with Elder Latu that we took a day when we joined them in Kanymazane for a teaching opportunity with Elder Benson. We forever have Elder Latu in our hearts.