President and Sister Dunn

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Last day at the temple

On our last day at the Johannesburg Temple we were able to take a few last pictures with missionaries. Elder Katia and Elder Siali were out taking their own pictures on the beautiful temple grounds and we grabbed a special one with them.

Elder Kwhela was their with his companion, Elder Irakiza, who  was heading home that week. Glad to get a final picture with him.

Elder Irakiza was being video taped for our history. We have loved doing this with most all of our missionaries. Thanks to the Gatten's for doing this for us, as well as the Berg's, who did this before the Gatten's for us.

Well done, Elder Irakiza!

Congratulations, Elder Masiya!

We feel very special about this departing group, because we get to be part of this group.

We also ran into Elder Sekholomi meeting some wonderful women from his home ward at the distribution center.

After we joined the missionaries in the temple cafeteria for a lunch before their district meetings began.

The Vaal Zone came this last day of the transfer. This is now the biggest zone in the mission with 3 couples joining 18 Elders. We hope to see this district become a stake before too long. Lot's of good missionary effort is being focused there.

Elder Irakiza sharing his testimony with the missionaries in the Vaal Zone.

Elder Masiya did the same.

President Dunn and I took a few minutes and shared our testimonies today. What a sweet last group to bear testimony with before we head home.

We love these Elders. They are now starting their district meeting. Elder Austin, Martinho, Elder Musiiwa and Elder Daniels.

As we walked out that day, we said good-bye to President and Sister Shongwa, who were headed out of town. WE love this wonderful family and so excited for the Soweto Stake to have President Shongwa leading the Stake with his new calling as the Stake President. that happened just last month.

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