President and Sister Dunn

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

We love SAJM visitors!

We love getting news and updates form missionaries all over the world. Elder Christopher Dzowa returned home to Malawi and has shared with us his highs and lows as he is adjusting to post mission life. We send him and all our beloved missionaries our love and support.

ON Sunday August 12, 2017, we hosted Elder Devon Rash for Sunday lunch. H eis in the planning stage to get back on his mission. WE are praying he will be sent back to the SAJM!!

We enjoyed looking at the mission scrapbook and all the pictures of the missionaries he knows.
On Monday (the next day) we hosted a BBQ with our special guest: Corbin de Kock- from South Africa, going to school here.

Nick and Lindsay Menendez have been workng in Scottsdale this summer and just returned. It was fun to have them over and spend an evening together.

Nick and Lndsay are so fun to be with. What a great couple they make.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

SAJM Fall Reunion Coming

Please mark your calendars for Friday September 29th for an SAJM 2014-2017 reunion. This is the night before General Conference begins.

At this point we are planning on hosting it at the BYU Broadcast Building. More details will be forthcoming. 

We invite anyone to participate on a planning committee if your time allows.  We are offering 2 planning meeting times for anyone interested in helping to find missionaries and/or help plan the evenings activities to volunteer by coming to one of the following meetings:

Tuesday August 22- BYU Broadcasting Building, meet in lobby at 6 pm (will order pizza for those that can attend)
Monday September 11- BYU Broadcasting Building, meet in lobby at 12 noon* lite lunch served
Monday September 11- Dunn's home- 4045 Mt. Olympus Way, meet at 7 pm *food served!!

These three times are options to come and gather and share ideas and volunteer to make the reunion one that involves as many Elders as possible. We want to contact as many of our returned missionaries and get video clips from those that cannot attend. We also want to have a slideshow if possible. Food needs to be planned as well as activities for the evening.

Please RSVP to or on the SAJM 2014-2017 Facebook page if you can attend any of the meeting times listed.  We will cancel any times that do not get response from RM's to attend.

Hot August FHE Night!

FHE dinner at the Dunn's! You can always find missionaries around the food.
We had a great time gathering with senior and junior missionaries in our home on Monday August 7th for an FHE with Richard and Kathy Black sharing their experiences and reflections. They  arrived home just 3 weeks ago. So did Larry and Marsha Wells. It was great to bring senior and junior missionaries together.
Elder Wed, Elder Savage, Elder Clegg and Elder Weg's brother (also Elder Weg)

Loved having the Lombardie's, the Shupe's and the Egan's with us.

We also had Richard and Kathy share insights...and the Well's and the Thompson's also came.

It was sucgh a pleasure to meet Calvert Cazier's wife, Camille. They are about to have their first child (a little girl) in just a few weeks time. So fun to have them join with us.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Welcome home to the Black's

Richard and Kathy Black arrived home from the SAJM in late July. Their homecoming was just last weekend, July 30, 2017.

This is a reminder that we are gathering this coming Monday August 7th at 7 pm at our home (4045 Mt. Olympus Way) for dinner and a discussion led by Richard and Kathy Black about how to reflect on our SAJM experiences and keep the memories alive.

Elder Landon Broadhead came up form St. George to welcome them home. He was their trainer out in Nelspruit. 

Landon came with his cute mom. So fun to meet her.

I was sad that President Dunn was not in the picture today. We had to divide and conquer because we were tending grandchildren today.
Aren't we all so lucky to have served in the land of South Africa and able to make such meaningful friendships?

Seeing the Shupe's

We had a fun opportunity to visit Susan and RQ Shupe while recently visiting in Oceanside California. They have such a fun house just minutes from the beach. They invited us over for lunch and we so enjoyed getting connected. They will be visit us this next week in Utah. The Shupe's were serving in the area office when we arrived in South Africa on July 2014. We did all we could together.

Missions make for some fun and lasting friendships.

Congratulations to Nathan and Grace Henley

We were so delighted  to participate in the temple sealing and reception for Grace and Nathan in July. What a great couple. They were married in the new Provo temple and had a beautiful reception in the Henley's backyard.
While we were at the reception, President and Sister Omer came and also President and Sister Wilson from the Botswana Mission were there. So Nathan had all 3 mission presidents at his wedding reception at the same time. He was first called to Botswana and later moved to Johannesburg. We came about one year into his mission. It was fun to be there with all of them.