President and Sister Dunn

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Hot August FHE Night!

FHE dinner at the Dunn's! You can always find missionaries around the food.
We had a great time gathering with senior and junior missionaries in our home on Monday August 7th for an FHE with Richard and Kathy Black sharing their experiences and reflections. They  arrived home just 3 weeks ago. So did Larry and Marsha Wells. It was great to bring senior and junior missionaries together.
Elder Wed, Elder Savage, Elder Clegg and Elder Weg's brother (also Elder Weg)

Loved having the Lombardie's, the Shupe's and the Egan's with us.

We also had Richard and Kathy share insights...and the Well's and the Thompson's also came.

It was sucgh a pleasure to meet Calvert Cazier's wife, Camille. They are about to have their first child (a little girl) in just a few weeks time. So fun to have them join with us.

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