President and Sister Dunn

Monday, April 24, 2017

Come Join With way or another!

We know that many of our beloved Elders live far away and cannot attend gatherings but please still participate with us by sending any thoughts on how you have kept your SAJM memories alive. We will share any and all ideas with everyone via Face Book and this blog.This is an invitation to all the 2014-2017 SAJM returned missionaries to respond and participate.

You are invited: 

Friday May 5, 2017 
President Dunn and I 
Casual SAJM Dinner Gathering 
4045 Mt. Olympus Way, SLC.
7:30 pm*

In addition to socializing, after dinner we will focus on
"How to keep your SAJM memories alive"
We will showcase some mission videos and slideshows and encourage any of you to share how you have preserved pictures and memories. Please feel free to bring any mission scrapbooks you and/or your family created. 

In honor of the Cinco de Mayo date- we will have a taco bar (feel free to bring any taco toppings or drinks to share.)

You are invited to also bring wives, fiance's or dates if you have one!:)
Totally great to just come stag. 

Please RSVP 
* start time is later due to Albert James May's wedding reception that evening!!!

Monday, April 10, 2017

What a "welcome home" we received today.

It has been a time of celebration as we enjoyed a very special "homecoming weekend".

It started with an open house on Friday night, where the first fun surprise was having President Dunn's mom fly down from Oregon to surprise us. What a fun first guest.
We woke up the next morning to a spring snowstorm. What a fun day for our feels like Christmas in April!
We left for sacrament meeting and knew we would come back home and enjoy having missionaries over for an open house after the meeting.

We were blown away by how many returned SAJMers there were to sing the beloved mission song during the program. We shout out to all our missionaries across the globe. This group is representing over 400 missionaries from 32 different countries. You are all remembered and thought of every day.
Missionaries and families were invited to our home afterwards. Of course the South African flag was welcoming them all.  OUr grandson Tagg arrived with his special mission tag on his jacket pocket. (below)

 Of course some South African cookies were made by Suzi Olson- who never misses a chance to make a SAJM gathering even more special! *Suzi is the mother of RM Jon Olson.

Standing room only.

Lots of malva puddings, staged and ready to serve.

Many treats to choose from in the dining room.

Nick Menedez and wife Lindsay, Jonny Smalley and darling girlfriend!

Love seeing Jacoby Stephens- our first Assistant that was called once we arrived!

Fun to re-connect with tanner Clegg.

Loved having our family with us.

Janson Worton and Jon Olson catching up with PD and our newest grandson Bennett.

Great to see Nathan Quigley

Sherrie Allred and Suzi Olson made this event possible with all their kitchen help! Thanks a million.

Of course homemade malva pudding was such a hit.

Loved seeing the Barton's and the Thompson's.

Catching up with Sean Pickup and girlfriend was such a special moment for us.

Nathan Lefthand

Glad this group found a place to sit and eat.

Mr. and Mrs. Wadsworth
So fun to meet this great couple!

Loved meeting the Whitesides family.

SO fun to see Troy Downs, show is going to BYU Idaho and is engaged to get married this summer.

Loved meeting Elder Higg's parents- who is still on his mission!  They were so darling to come and be with us and send us flowers to welcome us home. Loved meeting them and this is a shout out to Elder Higgs. We loved meeting your darling parents.

Spencer Smith, Bridger Sylvester and Austen Allen and Carly. The Allen's drove 10 hours to be with us all today! We love them all so much.

What a pleasure to have The Thompson's join with us today. We loved serving together with them in our mission office.

Our son Brady meets and visits with Taft Asay.

Grand-daughter Lydia liked the cookies.

Nathan Lefthand and parents and Nathan's darling fiancee.

We love the Olson's and so appreciated their help last night and today. 

Ashlan Nuenshwander, Jace Rileu, Quinn Jackson and Joe Koyle made us so happy to be able to re-connect with.

Son-in-law Chase and Gram...Thanks for all your help.

Looks like Elder Loveless fell asleep during the open house!

Loved re-connecting with Taft Asay.

3 generations 

Loved getting a picture with Elder Peterson

The Cowan's are such great friends and we love that they served and lived in South Africa for 3 years right before us.

One more pic with Austin and Carly Allen before they started their 10 hour drive home.

Love this friend Sherrie Allred- can't wait to really catch up with her. Thanks for all your help today. What a partner she has been in this mission experience.

Could not have done all of this without their help. Thanks Chase and Emi......and Reagan.

Ladt but not least- Tanner Todd and Tanner Clegg. They both get the award for most hair growth. We love these two and are so thrilled to re-connect.

Janson Worton- so happy to see him

Joe Koyle and darling girlfriend

Does Jonny Smalley go together with this cute girlfriend or what??? So fun to meet her and see Jonny again.

Our last visitor for the day was Bishop Tom Bennett who came by to bring our mission plaque. What a true mark of crossing the finish line.