President and Sister Dunn

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

SAJM Summer Gathering

Save the Date

SAJM Family Home Evening
Monday June 3, 2019*

4045 Mt. Olympus Way
6 pm
Pickleball, JDAWGS, Program

More details coming

*date changed from Saturday June 1

Sandy Stake Conference

On Saturday and Sunday April 26-27, we were able to participate in the Sandy Utah Alta View Stake Conference.
What a great experience to share with these great leaders on a beautiful spring weekend.

Elder XXXX, Stake Executive Secretary
President David R. Zachrison, 1st Counselor
President  Brian A. Richardson, Presidnt
President Steven Poulson, 1st counselor,
Michael A. Dunn, Area Seventy, Elder Crocker, Stake Clerk

Lynne, Theo and Tyler pay us a visit

On April 9th we had the pleasure of finally getting to see our long time friends from South Africa, Lynne, Theo and Tyler. We have awaited this visit for a very long time and so excited to have almost 10 days of time stretched out in front of us. We met up with them first at BYU Broadcasting and the Bean natural history Museum.

Tyler looks perfect in the Dwight and Shining Armor ads.

And very comfortable in the BYU Sports Booth.

Met with our friend, Paige Knudson and Lucy and Max. Emi and Claire and Reagan joined us too. Quite a party!!

We had .a fun FHE with Steve Nelson (Piano Guys) and his darling family and wife Julie. 

BYU Bookstore

Dinner at Tuscano's with Judy and Andre Brummer and Lynne and Theo.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Msani's : Special Conference Visitors

We were so delighted to have Ephraim and Nomthe Msani some to our home during the conference weekend. President and Sister Msane served in the SJAM Mission Presidency for over a year before being called to serve as Mission Presidents in Kenya.
They are almost at the end of their three year calling and now assuming the call as an Area Seventy when they complete their mission in June.
We love them so much and enjoyed catching up with Bob and Liz Cowan as well. Our sweet neighbors and friends who also love and adore the Msane's.

This great couple has come to know our Whitney and Jeff over the past year. There has been a special mutual friend that Whitney knows who has been baptized in Kenya this past year. Story to come at the end of this post.

Special Conference Visitors- Glenn and Mandy Holmes

What a delight to get to host Glenn and Mandy Holmes in our home. President Glenn Holmes was the beloved Benoni Stake President the entire time we served in Johannesburg. He was recently called to be an Area Seventy for SE Africa. They came (as a surprise) to SLC for conference. What a pleasure to have them come over and do a few things with them during the course fo their stay.

We had a more formal dinner party on night, but our last night together we made homemade pizza with our grandchildren. It was fun and Chef Glenn makes a mean and delicious pizza.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

SAJM February Fireside

It was meaningful to gather with missionaries and friends last night and enjoy a lite dinner and connection. We heard about aspects of the Church in Africa.
We loved greeting missionaries that returned almost 4 years ago and also those that have just come home. We loved seeing Collin Davis (2 months home) and newly engaged Elders- Dane Cowan and also Greg Smith.
Michelle and Steve Rossiter shared about their amazing self reliance work in Madagascar.

Sister Linda Willis and Sister Lucia Foxx shared their testimonies and experience in South Africa and Swaziland. They are headed to New Zealand for a 2nd mission.
Susan Shupe shared the Harari Happy Dance Music Video with us.
Linda and Leif Erickson shared their experiences in Lusaka Zambia as Mission Presidents from 2013-2016.
It is always enjoyable to have such a great group assembled in our home. There was a great spirit and we were honored by the company.
This tablecloth was made for us by Sister Val Caldwell in the Fourways ward. She gave it to us before we arrived home. What a fun gift and one that I love to use.


Friday, February 22, 2019

You are Invited- Fireside and Soup and Bread night

You are invited to 
a Soup and Bread Supper
and Fireside
 with Sean Donnelly

Former Mission President in Madagascar
Former Public Relations Director- South East Africa, LDS Church
Current Public Relations- LDS Church, SLC

Introduction from Michelle and Steve Rossiter
*served in Madagascar Mission, 2014-2016

Sunday February 24, 2019
6- 7 pm Soup and Bread Potluck
7-8:30 pm Fireside