President and Sister Dunn

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Missionary Moments

On the weekend of January 20-22, 2017 we visited a few of the zone meetings, enjoyed an Auxiliary training for 3 mission dependent branches and attended a branch conference in the Vaal District.
Here are a few random snapshots from a few different Friday zone meetings.
Just before the rain hit, we had a few of the Joburg Zone missionaries gathered together.
Elder Adams, Elder Opolot, Elder Kokotiko, Elder Sousa, elder Eki, Elder Chikoore, Elder Flack and Elder Irakiza.
Back at Roodepoort
Elder Shava, Elder Dyck, Elder Cox, Elder Blaylock

Elder Daniels and Elder Davis surprised by the paparazzi!

Elder Kagimba and Elder Hlophe

Afternoon clouds are gathering. This time of year is wonderful because the thunderstorms begin to boil up and it cools everything off.

Elder Chikoore, Elder Eki and Elder Sousa compare their reports.

Elder Opolot and Elder Irakiza

On Sunday, President Dunn and I were privileged to be with Elder Mugenyi and Elder Shamanga at the Vereenging Branch for a conference. They had 13 investigators at church. We were so impressed with the great job they are doing in the Vaal.
On Sunday January 16, 2017 we visited Ridgeway for the first time. We had been to the ward for weddings and second interviews, but this was our first time attending cheruch there. It was great to be with Elder Sousa and Chikoore.

Klerksdorp Training

On Saturday January 21, 2017 we headed to Klerksdorp to participate in an Auxiliary Training for the Potchefstroom branch, the Klerksdorp Branch and the Jouberton Branch.

People started trickling in and by the time we got going, the entire room was full with standing room only. It was a great turnout from every branch.

We paused in between trainings and offered a light snack of homemade whole wheat bread with honey butter and peanut butter and apples and grapes for everyone before they went to the next session.

Sister Willis and Sister Foxx came with us and helped with the training. They are both CES missionaries and have so much to offer in any setting!!
We then divided the women and offered separate groups for:

Relief Society with Sister Foxx facilitating

Primary with Sister Dunn facilitating

Young Women

With Sister Willis facilitating....

The men met in another room and had a great discussion

Thanks to President Robbins for hosting the training and having everything ready.

Great members came and we were happy to get a few pictures of many of them.

We appreciate the great work the Jensen's are doing in Potchefstrrom.

It was impressive that the Jouberton and Potchefstroom members came together in a taxi. There was a lot of commitment shown for this training.

Sincere thanks to all who came and made it possible. We appreciate the service of our great senior couples. Sister Foxx and Sister Duncan (above) added a great deal of enthusiasm to the training.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

First week of Jan '17 Zone Conferences

On Tuesday January 17, 2017 we gathered with the Benoni Zone for a zone conference and interviews. It was a great way to start the New Year.
Thanks for all the help loading all our things in-
Elder Gramu, Elder Ebite, Elder Khwela, Elder Jangao,  Elder Randri

Elder Engrom and Elder Masiya arrive and offer to help!

We started off with a discussion about New Year's resolutions and a great presentation by President Dunn.

The outline for the day was shared. After this opening presentation we split into districts and had missionaries rotate through three workshops, while everyone rotated through a personal interview with President Dunn.

I conducted a worshop that focused on choosing "One Word" for the Year in place of resolutions. Each missionary shared a word that could be a guiding one for them throughout the year and why.
We also distributed new cleaning supplies and did car inspections and discussion about starting the year off with a goal of cleanliness.

The Assistants each offered a workshop

1- Mission Wide Goals and how they relate to each missionary
2- Our new and improved daily schedule


Lunch was actually made by the missionaries today and we had one more workshop on how to make healthy, fast and good lunches. 

With the new daily schedule it is even more important to be able to pack a lunch and take it with you. Everyone shared ideas they have for how to have lunch inexpensive, yet better and quicker to make.

Day 1:
Great day with the Benoni Zone.
Next up- Bedfordview Zone on 
Day 2
Wednesday January 18, 2017
L to R- President and Sister Dunn, Elder Zitumane, Elder Nglaizi, Elder Kealor, Elder reynolds, Elder Cowan, Elder Sibanda, Elder Malunga, Elder Weidmann, Elder Lambert, Elder Reynolds, Elder Kilgore, Elder Magesi, Elder Brumpton, Elder Rouse, Elder Schnepf, Elder Campbell

Another view in front of the Bedfordview Stake Center

Time to start

Session on a "Word for the Year" with Sister Dunn

Session on the New Daily Schedule with Elder Campbell

Lunch Workshop- The Elders prepared all the lunches today!

Nice to enjoy being outside for lunch.
Another great day with missionaries. Thanks Bedfordview Zone!

Day 3:
Centurion Zone
Kempton Park Chapel
Elders Kuyangepi, elder Warnock, Elder Morrill, Elder Marsden, Elder Stevenson, Elder Treasure, Elder Phiri, Elder Bakes, Elder Eti, Elder Nielsen, Elder Musiiwa, Elder Greener, Elder Tima, Elder Adamson, Elder Wikaira, Elder Zwane, Elder Zitumane, Elder Campbell

President Dunn started it off with an overview of 2017 Area's of Emphasis for the SAJm and new schedules form the missionary department. there wil be more about the new daily schedule at the Summit Zone Conference- where we will broadcast the Worldwide Missionary Training.

Repeating the workshops....

Distributing some cleaning supplies to help everyone deep clean and start the year off right!