President and Sister Dunn

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Back To School Gathering

School is starting up again at BYU and more and more of our 2014-2017 SAJMer's are coming back to Provo for school. 
Back to School Gathering:

With a mission reunion scheduled for Friday October 5th, we are excited to re-connect with many of you. Before then, we would like to invite any SAJM returned missionaries that are on the BYU campus to gather the first week of school on 

Thursday September 6th from 11:30-12:30 pm at 
BYU Broadcasting.
Malva pudding will be served in the lobby. Hope you can drop by and say hello if you are in the area.

Save the Date- Fall SAJM reunion

Save The Date
SAJM Fall Reunion
Friday October 5th*
6-9 pm
4045 Mt. Olympus Way
Salt Lake City, Utah

Casual Dinner and Visiting
Entertainment: Pickle-ball, Volleyball
TV Premiere of Studio C in NYC!
*Note: date changed 

More missionaries arrive home

Such a special day it was on Sunday August 26 to reunite with Elder Zach Eatough and Elder Greener. It was Zach's homecoming in Mapleton, Utah. Elder Greener drove down from Idaho to be there.  We are looking forward to reuniting missionaries this coming fall season.  Mark your calendars for Saturday August 29th at our home in SLC. More details to come.
We know that many SAJMer's have arrived home in July and a more coming in September. We are so anxious to catch up with everyone that we can. Please send us updates and/or come to reunions if you can. 

Jason Worton gets married

On this last day of August we celebrate some recent SAJM events.
Attending the sealing of Janson Worton and Tina Hosea was such a special event.

We were so excited to see Elder Worton's SAJM messenger bag holding his temple clothes. Proud and happy parents!

What a stunning couple Janson and Tina are. Tonight we are in Mountain View California visiting our daughter and son-in law. We ran into Tina and Janson while out to dinner. Crazy coincidence.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Delton Dube Update!

Last month we received the most wonderful e-mail from Delton Dube in Zimbabwe. He has lifted our spirits to see his face and hear what is going on for him.  Please enjoy this update and send us one of your own.
We LOVE hearing from our SAJM sons!!

From Delton's e-mail:I am always filled with joy and exuberance, as I write to you, when I think of the incredible individuals that you are. I do not remember any day, since I returned from mission, on which I have not thought about you or remembered a principle that I learned from your example or words. Your influence on me was and is immeasurable. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to serve you and with you.

Life after mission is not wholly unlike a roller coaster ride. The great opportunities and challenges make it sweetly challenging. My last letter to you embodied a lamentation over my rejection by all medical schools in my country. After much strugglings in prayer and other efforts, I was baffled and dazed by a phone call from one of the Universities, offering me a place to do medicine at their school. I was overcome with relief and got confirmation that the Lord never deserts us, although he may allow us to be stretched to the limits. I do not know if president Dunn remembers this:
 During an interview with him I expressed a concern about the future. I was worried that I might not get the career I wanted. With great confidence he looked straight into my eyes and told me that I will be accepted and I will become a doctor. That promise become a light as I took steps of faith forward into the darkness of uncertainty.

Now, I love looking at your blog. Exhilaration always attends me when I see those familiar and beloved faces of my SAJM brothers. I am grateful that they are moving forward and marriages are happening.

I now love exercising. I am an " All in" member of the 5am club. At first it was hard.It became messy. Now its gorgeous. I love it. I have more energy during the day because of that.

President Kevin S Hamilton came to our stake and as I spoke to him, he expressed his excitement and gratitude for the new responsibilities you have.

Thank you so much for all that you did, for all that you do and for all that you will do in future. I miss and love you so much.

Brother Delton Dube   

Monday, July 23, 2018

Connor Stapley pays us a visit!

On Wednesday July 11 we had the chance to catch up with Connor Stapley. he lives in Arizona and came to Utah for a wedding of Tyler Carpenter.  He was so nice to make the effort to come all the way up from Provo (in an Uber) and visit us.
he ended up staying with us overnight and President Dunn took him back to Provo the next day.

We loved hearing about his flight school, dating success and general well being. We love you Connor and we were so happy for the visit.

Jace Riley gets married

We were delighted to attend Jace Riley's sealing in the SL Temple on May 17th.  It was fun that we knew MacKenzie and her wonderful family already.  It is a great day to get to participate in any of the weddings of our wonderful SAJM sons!