President and Sister Dunn

Monday, June 19, 2017

June 2017 SAJM happenings at home!

So fun to see Mattias Bergman again during his 3 week stay. He came to BYU Broadcasting with Taft Asay. It was so fun to show them around and see them both again.

I even had one more sighting of Mattias at the Polo Factory Outlet. I could get used to this. He heads home this week.
On the same weekend we were able to welcome Christopher Morrill home from Johannesburg. His family hosted an open house and it was great to see him.

What great parents. We thoroughly enjoyed getting to be at his home and meeting his parents and family. We also were able to come on Sunday and hear his wonderful homecoming address. We are so honored to be linked forever to this great young man and his family.
We will hope to see him in just a few weeks time when the Blacks arrive home. They served together in Nelpruit. 

This weekend was also a wedding festival with 2 of our Elders tying the knot on the same day.
Shwn and Taylor Larsen are prepping for their wedding reception. WE loved being with them int he temple and also at the reception.

It was held at the Brigham Young house at This is the Place State Park.

In the same night we headed to Jesten and Mikayla's Dye's wedding in South Jordan. We were with them earlier in the day at the Ogden Temple.
While at the reception we ran into Cameron Wood and his darling girlfriend.

It is so fun to see our beloved missionary sons.

We also saw the Harward's who served alongside Jesten Dye in Polokwane. It was so fun to see them again.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Missionary Morning in Millcreek

After Thomas Graham's wedding reception- we had a few house guests stay with us. We couldn't go to bed without a little Rooibos tea.

The next morning we  met in Millcreek Canyon and had a fun breakfast and hike/bike activity afterwards.

Everything about this morning was "Lekker!"

We served three kinds of egg souffles. We also served malva pudding as a breakfast cake.

Perfect weather...perfect number to gather around a table.

Beginning our 6 mile round trip hike up Grandeur Peak
So wonderful to have Saul Hentunen from Finland and Mattias Bergman from Sweden.

Such a perfect weather day in Millcreek Canyon.
View from Grandeur Summit

Elder Bergman, Hentunen and Clegg...on the Summit of Grandeur Peak
View from the saddle

A beautiful day in Millcreek Canyon! Perfect weather day for a breakfast and hike.
We gathered back at our house with a few -Mattias, Tanner and Saul
Ashlan came and picked up Mattias and went to the conference center for a few hours on Saturday.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Elder Graham's Wedding Reception

Welcome Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Graham
Friday May 26, 2016

So fun to gather with so many missionaries at Thomas Graham's wedding in Lehi, Utah

So fun to see Spencer Dutson from Rexburg Idaho. He came down to the wedding with his cute mom. He was companions with Thomas Graham in Carletonville.

Love this guy!

Wedding reception was held in a fun outdoor area adjacent to a ward building in Lehi.

Mattias, Ashlan and Saul. So special to have missionaries re-connecting from Sweden, Utah and Finalnd.

Elder Graham throwing the garter,




So fun that Michele Shaw and Rachel are visiting from South Africa in Utah and able to come to a Utah wedding


Elder Clegg arrives to give a hug!