President and Sister Dunn

Monday, December 29, 2014

A little Christmas "sport"

The final activity on Christmas morning for all the Elders that gathered in Gauteng at the Roodepoort chapel, was a little but of sprot. This was a fun way to unwind and realz together on this festive morning. Elders took all their packages to their cars and got thier p-day clothes and came out to play and relax. You will see we had a  little bit of everything going on that day..from soccer, to volleyball, dodge ball, rugby and basketball.  We also had some guitar playing, chatting and spectating. It was a wonderful  day to be together and will be long remembered.
The Elders in the North also gathered, with senior couples providing breakfast and memories.  We are so lucky to have such great senior couples serving in this great mission!

A new green policy manuel for Christmas

Another gift was shared with each Elder this Christmas.  A South Africa Johannesburg Mission Policy Manuel!  This was labor of love to assemble and write a new policy manual that is specific to our mission. We gathered all the documents that have been distributed as new Elders arrive and then created some new and updated versions. 
Each binder is personalized with every Elder's name listed. We used the Christmas gathering to give everyone new security stickers for their missionary badges and handed them each a new binder.  This could be one of the most lasting gifts given this season.

Sister Allred took this project on and helped make all the templates and layout. She even found the green binders. The AP's edited and proofed each page, while gathering documents form mission archives for contents. President Dunn helped design the look and layout.  All the senior couples in the area came and helped assemble the 200 books to be distributed on Christmas.
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After the movie on Christmas, we had Elders come to the cultural hall and come across the stage and receive their personalized binder.
Everyone also received a green treat bag packed by members (in addition to the Christmas boxes!)
Before playing sports, we (President and Sister Dunn) greeted each of the missionaries on this Christmas morning.

A Bright and Beautiful Christmas

On Christmas Eve the big white mission van headed North loaded with presents, goodie bags for the 14 missionaries serving in Limpopo. We met there with our wonderful missionaries and senior couples and showed a movie, shared some gifts and had dinner together. 


President Dunn had arranged for a very special Christmas surprise as he was able to secure  a screening copy of “Meet the Mormons” for a special viewing with our missionaries. He first put on an old Christmas movie (Mr. Kruger’s Christmas) and made everyone think that was the movie we were going to watch. Then, without notice, he and the AP’s stopped the movie and said, “Wait a minute, isn’t there something newer than this to watch?” They then surprised and delighted everyone, by turning on “Meet the Mormons”. This was a very special circumstance and group to be with, to watch this amazing film just released by the church. 
Below are our trusty elf Zone leaders, Elder Reed and Elder Olson.

Thanks to Sister Brammer, Winward and Harward for hosting the gathering and providing a fun meal for everyone. It was a great way to spend Christmas Eve. All the senior couples in the NorthEast had fun Christmas morning plans including a breakfast together.

Below are pictures from Christmas morning in Roodepoort. 150+ missionaries gathered and we had a most wonderful time together. 

President Dunn did a similar movie surprise, but even more dramatic, with such a big audience. It was funny to hear and see their reaction to the surprise of getting to view “Meet the Mormons.”

Again, a huge thanks to all who made this day possible, from generous members, senior couples and parents. A heartfelt thanks!!


Here are just some of our Christmas morning pictures, with more commentary and pictures coming.  Stay tuned!