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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Elder Widdison is Back!

 2 months ago, our own Elder Widdison had to return home to get some therapy on his back. After he had received his call, he was involved in an automobile accident, where he was hit from behind.  The injury was more serious than he realized and flared up once he was here. He was sent home on a medical leave in October and as we all stood at the airport that night, we vowed we would do all we could to get him to come back and meet us in the same place.
Well, he did his part and President Dunn lobbied and the Lord did the rest.

Elder Widdison returned tonight and we all celebrated. This is an early Christmas present for our mission. We also had Elder Larsen ready and waiting to be his companion. Somethings just seem to work out perfectly. We hope he gets sleep tonight, because bright and early tomorrow he is on deck to be in attendance at the Pretoria Chapel for the Mission Tour with Elder Carl. B. Cook and Sister Cook.

Elder Widdison with Elder Larsen

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  1. We are feeling so blessed that Elder Widdison was able to return to South Africa. Thanks for the many prayers on his behalf. He is so happy to be "home".