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Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Holiday Fun Continues (more interviews)

Friday December 19
Bedfordview Zone comes today.

With Elder Tye and Elder Mavundla as the Zone Leaders, it was a pleasure to welcome all the Elders from this zone into the mission home. We have had the Vaal, Joburg, NorthWest and Bedfordview Zones this week.  It has been a full week, with interviews everyday but Monday.  It was a fun Friday to have this group with us.  Each one added so much to the Interview Day.

As we have done each day, we started with a musical number offered by each district group. Today they performed for each other. It was extra wonderful to have our newest Elder Wegrowski able to accompany on the piano. This zone had rehearsed their musical talent this week at a home for the disabled. This was their zone activity for December.  Impressive!  You could tell they had practiced. It was great.
Elders continued to write their testimonies on our Christmas tree quotes and hang them with an ornament. These will be some of the best lingering parts of Christmas, as we will write them all up and distribute the testimonies.
The cooking is always fun.  Today the districts made homemade cornmeal from maize meal ( a popular ground corn flour that is used extensively here as a staple food.)  It was extra delicious and the first time many of us had made it. It will not be the last.
*Elders Maraetefau making sweet potatoes and Elder Broadhead and Majozi washing the dishes.
We then made homemade macaroni and cheese in the second group today.  It was impressive to watch Elders make a white sauce, saute onions, peppers, bacon for flavor. They topped it with cheese and tomatoes, like Elder Malapua taught yesterday in his demo. We can learn so much from Elders and encourage them to share their recipes, ideas and skills with each other.
The food and nutrition survey has been an important part of our workshop. the Elders answer the following questions and we discuss tips and ideas from this questionnaire. I will be compiling the data, so I can better address the food and nutrition areas that would be most helpful for missionaries.

Food Workshop- December 2014

1.  How often do you plan and prepare food on your mission?  (always, sometimes, never)
2.     What are foods or meals you consume on a regular basis?
3.     Do you bake? If so, list a few of the things you like to prepare?
4.     What tips do you have on how to budget and stretch your food dollars?
5.     What is the hardest part for you about cooking and planning your own meals?
6.     What would help you to increase your ability to cook and plan better?
       7. What are benefits of planning, shopping and cooking with your companion?

This time together during interviews reminded everyone the value of eating together and making meals memorable and bonding.  Today, Elder Allen told me  how his district made a Thanksgiving turkey and all the trimmings. I credit them for taking the initiative to cook a turkey and create an atmosphere that reminded them of home, while increasing their self-reliance and skills. Stay tuned for 4 more zone interviews coming in the next two weeks. 

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