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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Hunt's Arrive

Elder and Sister Hunt arrived in the SAJM on January 31, 2017 to begin their 18 month mission. They hail from Oklahoma in the midwest part of the United States. They have 4 children who are all married and they have 11 grandchildren, 3 of which are 5 years old currently! Their oldest grandchild is 10 and two more grandchildren will be born in this year while they are away.

They have been involved professionally in construction, owning and operating their own business. The focus of their construction business has been LDS chapels all over their midwest region. They are taking a break from their work and business to serve a mission and then will return to work after they finish.
They are pioneers in the Vaal District, as they are serving in the Sharpeville Branch- which has not had senior missionaries before. We are excited to have them here and they are living in Riverspray- right near the zone leaders and 4 other missionary companionships.
Welcome to the Hunts!

WE invited the office couples to meet them and hosted a breakfast as part of their orientation.
Each couple shared a little about their background before we officially started the meeting.

We even got Elder Zitumane to consent to singing the South African National Anthem.

President Dunn shared an Orientation presentation with them specifically developed for senior couples.

All the other couples were able to weigh in and offer suggestions and input to what was being presented. It was a good introduction to what they might expect.
Later in the day, after the office orientation, we headed to the Vaal area where their flat was waiting for them. They seemed very happy to land there....


the zone leaders, Elder Mugenyi and Elder Shamanga dropped in to meet them and assure them they would be their guides for a little while until they get more settled.

The Hunt's are lucky to have two excellent zone leaders living just a few flats away from them.

President Dunn and I enjoyed or time helping them to get settled. We predict they hit the beach running!! They seem enthusiastic

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  1. Oh that is fantastic you have a new senior couple! They are going to be a blessing to the The Vaal. I love the creative Christmas "card" too.