President and Sister Dunn

Monday, February 27, 2017

Benoni Interviews

We started our interview cycle with the Benoni Zone first up.  Each district came for a few hours and had interviews with President Dunn and also a workshop on Etiquette. over a lite lunch!
Elder(s) Mkhize, Jennings, President Dunn, Mpiyakhe, Stevenson, Higgs,Weidmann, Carr and Chirwa
Elder(s) Ebite, Jangao, Bakes, Valikoula, Gramu, Admason, Sister Dunn
Elder(s) Masiya, Matanga, Engrom, Smith, White and Dorn
We started with some reflection pages that each Elder prepared.

Followed by a lunch they set, prepared, served, cleared and cleaned up, all the while answering Etiquestte Questions.

Irene shared some Etiquette advice with them all.

The Zone Leaders, Elder Stevenson and Elder Mpiyakhe shared a lesson on how Christlike Attributes are tied to Etiquette. Everyone participated in the discussion.

This was a great start to the interviews. We love having Elders in their mission home getting some one on one time and a specific workshop that the Zone Leaders help with.

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