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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Service Lands Here

Service Efforts Land Here!

Twice in the past month I have received phone calls or e-mails from amazing people that have items to donate.  I usually have received a call that asked me if we can come to airport to accept a delivery and a gift to the people of Africa. I have been asked to be the organizer and distributor of these goods.
First, we were told about a great organization called Days for Girls International. This not-for-profit NGO humanitarian service helps support young women in South Africa by providing washable feminine hygiene for women that would otherwise go without. I received almost 200 kits that are beautifully sewn and lovingly packed by women in Utah, with the idea they were coming to South Africa.  If you want more information about this organization look at
I was appreciative of Mandy Holmes and her daughter Emily for offering to take the items for drop off to the DaysforGirls headquarters. 
My second call came from the family of Daniel Hahn. He is a young man form the Washington terrace 12th ward in the West Stake in Utah. He chose to do his Eagle Scout Project as a collection drive. He gathered shirts and ties for prospective missionaries in Africa.

With the MTC right in our backyard and so many missionaries serving here from 34 different countries, we are able to put these items to use. Great job Daniel. We will happily distribute you 200+ of both white shirts and colorful ties.
So, if this was not enough, on the very day I shared these amazing service efforts with women that gathered here, I had another service opportunity fall into our lap. Due to the drought in South Africa there is effort underway to provide water to those areas and people most heavily impacted. As a last minute request volunteers were desperately needed to help unload water off trucks today. We got the call for help and literally turned around and asked our Centurion Zone Leaders, Elder Swindlehurst and Elder Graham if they could rally their zone on their P-day to change plans and help in a moment of need. Of course they rallied and made a huge difference. Her are some pictures and her is the story from the day.
They did it and got there on very short notice and this group was able to wear the Mormon Helping Hands vests and share the gospel through their service.

The service happened at the Jacaranda News Station. This was great exposure for the Mormon Helping Hands efforts. 

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