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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Called to Orange Farm

On Sunday January 3, 2016 we able to spend our first Sunday in the 2016 year in a branch in the Vaal District called Orange Farm. This ward has been changed in the past month. It was part of the Bedfordview Stake and in an effort to respond to growth potential, the Orange Farm Ward was changed into a branch and moved into the Vaal District. This is all being done to encourage the Vaal District to become a Stake over time.

Districts fall under mission leadership, so now we have a renewed interest in attending these newly formed branches. Even though they had been thriving as a ward, this new alignment is a good thing and we are happy to be able to attend.

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On this day a special event was happening. Sister Zulu received her mission call! She has been preparing for over a year to be able to go on a mission and she had waited with anticipation for her call. It finally arrived and we were able to bring it with us.

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 She opened it and to her delight and the delight of family and friends she has been called to the London South Mission to report in April 2016. 

It was fun and celebratory to see everyone’s reaction and joy for her.

Sister Zulu will make her mark in London. We are so excited for this talented, beautiful, charming young woman to have this amazing opportunity.

Elders Bua and Mugenyi are assigned to this branch. Elder Mugenyi taught the Sunday School lesson and they both were also helping with a baptism after church of two young boys.

Sunday School for investigators and new converts held under a tree!

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  1. Such great photos! The London South mission will be so great for her! Love your shirt ;) Thanks for letting me wear it lots while there!