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Monday, January 11, 2016

Collins- goodbye party

The Dunn's welcome the Collin's to this special dinner on January 11, 2016 to honor their service. We have so loved the chance to work closely with them. They are so committed and have done such a terrific job preparing the missionaries and starting them off on the right foot.

President and Sister Eppel  (Johannesburg Temple President) joined us. Wer were so delighted their schedule allowed them to be with us. We also had the pleasure of getting both Elder and Sister Hamilton and Elder and Sister Ellis from the Area Presidency. It was thrilling to get so many great folks to be able to come together in their honor.

A special part of the evening was hearing from Trish and Phil as they shared emotions and their love of this work. They will be going home after being away in church callings for 6 of the past 10 years. They first served as mission president in Russia. Then they volunteered to go on a senior mission and were called to Colombia. They later were re-assigned to Ghana. Just when their time was almost up they received a call to be the new MTC President's in Johannesburg. 
The Jubber's, (Area Medical Doctor) The Eppel's (Temple President) and Marva Peterson (her husband not with us tonight is the Mental Health Expert.)
We had a full house tonight with 32 guests gathered together to bid the Collins' goodbye.
We used every seat at all three tables. The kitchen table hosted the Winstanleys, Waltons and Bester's.
Listening to the Collin's share their reflections and testimonies.

A busy kitchen before everyone left. We had everyone bring food and the spread was delectable.
Joy Bester and Bonnie Winstanley enjoying some time together. The guest list was provided by the Collins and we really enjoyed gathering everyone together.
We love these friends and hope to see them in a few years on the other side!

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  1. Fun and busy night! The Collins are so cute. Glad you could give them an official farewell!!