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Friday, August 19, 2016

Vaal Interviews!

On Thursday August 18, 2016 we hosted our last zone for interviews. The Vaal Zone Leaders, Elder Nelson and Bonifaz organized all of their missionaries and got everyone here on time. The Vaal is the furthest district away and everyone had to travel further to be with us.
First group up included Elder Kagimba, Elder Mkwizu, Elder Nelson, Elder Phiri, Elder West and Elder Bonifaz. We started with a discussion on the Word of Wisdom, led by Elder West the district leader. He did a great job discussing this important topic and sharing personal examples. He also engaged everyone in a meaningful discussion.
Once we moved into the kitchen, Elder West showed his cooking expertise by making dumplings to go on top of his beef stew.

In between interviews President Dunn came in and tried to get his share of the beef stew.:)

Elder Bonifaz showing his sample bowl of rice and the beef stew I had made.

For each day of the interviews we have had a few recipes in the slow cookers. I have had missionaries cut up the vegetables and make the recipe for the group coming the next day. This has been a very basic beef stew- but well received by everyone. The recipe will be included in our new additions in September.

Elder West is adding a whole new dimension to a beef stew- by making a dumpling to go on top. Here he is demonstrating the rolling out of the dough that he just made.

Everyone is impressed!

Here is the dumpling dough on top of the stew before it goes in the oven.
While we are waring for it to cook on top of the stew, Sister irene is sharing her thoughts on eating healthy and knowing how to prepare good food. She has three boys and one returned missionary in her house. She has lots of first hand experience with boys and eating and cooking. I love having her involvement in our workshops.

Meanwhile, Elder Mkwizu is sautéing a few fresh green beans and mushrooms. everyone is sampling these tasty beans to encourage them to eat more vegetables by cooking them in delcious ways. Quick and easy and nutritious!
The dumpling stew is out of the oven and ready for sampling.

We can't wait. It smells and looks so good. Thanks Elder West for giving us such a good demo. Actually, Elder West inspired me to do this workshop, because he loves slow cookers and encouraged us to buy them for the flats. His good recipes and examples will hopefully inspire others to learn how easy and nutritious it can be to use this method of cooking, especially while on a mission.
Next group traveled the furthest from the Klerksdorp area. We love these great Elders who also serve alongside our two senior couples, the Charchenko's and and Duncan's.
Elder Jangua, Elder Daki, Elder Greener, Elder Sousa and Elder Mamhere
Elder Turauskiis is the district leader and helped lead the Word of Wisdom discussion today for his group.

He encouraged participation from everyone.

Elder Greener and Elder Sousa are some of our newest missionaries. We have received so many strong, new Elders into the mission as of late. We are so glad to have these two.

Elder Sousa and Elder Jangao

Elder Sousa, Elder Daki, Elder Turaskiis, Elder Mamhere, Elder Jangao and Elder Greener

Having fun!

Last group: Elder Irakiza, Elder Nonumwar, Elder Wride and Elder Mapenda
A few moments to relax before we got started, had Elder Nonumwar enjoying my guitar.

Elder Mapenda was a great teacher today about the importance of living and teaching the Word of Wisdom.

This group enjoyed beef stew and sweet pork today, both  made in the slow cookers.

Elder Irakiza, Elder Nonumwar, Elder Wride, Elder Mapenda

So long, farewell! We loved having all these Elders!

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