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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Roodepoort Interviews

Another great day in the mission home with Elders coming for interviews. Today we had the Roodepoort Zone arrive- with Krugersdorp and Munsieville Elders coming first.
We also engaged in a discussion on the Word of Wisdom and Elder Sibanda led out and got everyone involved as they shared their thoughts to the questions posed:
Opening Your Mouth
….….in more ways than one!

“Opening Your Mouth” (O.Y.M) is a new SAJM key indicator. In this month when we are all focusing on OYM’s, think about “Opening Your Mouth” to healthy good foods that help you live what you are preaching, while you enjoy the benefits of putting good food IN to have better OUTcomes in your life.

1. As we read D & C: 89- write down a phrase or word that stands out to you. Why? 

2. What benefits have you found personally from living the Word of Wisdom? We all know the “Dont’s” of the Word of Wisdom- but what are the “Do’s” you also focus on? 
3, How do you share the benefits of the Word of Wisdom in your teaching to investigators? What experiences stand out as you have helped others make changes in their lives in regard to the Word of Wisdom? 
4. What foods do you regularly buy and prepare that are are healthy and encouraged in the Word of Wisdom?  What are foods or habits you need to personally eat less of, change or avoid?

After our discussion on the Word of Wisdom, we came into the kitchen to learn to eat even more healthy..and practice what we preach!
Elder Ete, Elder Jones, Elder Di Ruscio, Elder Sibanda and Elder Morrill. 
Elder DiRuscio and Elder Jones helped make a slow cooker beef stew gravy.
while Elders Sibanda, Reid and Morrill cut and prepared the potatoes, onions, carrots and celery for the stew.
Elder Di Ruscio from Italy has prepared a lot of food- but never cut a pineapple before. He did a great job, especially with Elder Ete as a guide. 

Elder Jones and Elder Sibanda are famous for their chocolate chip cookie recipe. They made a batch and shared them and the recipe today! Way to go!

We finished in time to have a minute to relax in the living room while the last interview was taking place.
Elder Sibanda trying his hand at a few notes on the piano!
.....and catching Elder Reid smiling and laughing!
while Elder Morrill got hold of the camera!:)

Next up was the Khutsong and Randfontein districts. Elder Ngilazi, Elder Rakotoarison, Elder Phiri and Elder Laminie

Sister Irene Shabalaya joins with us for the demonstrations and sampling.
Last group of the day included the Rustenburg and Phokeng Districts. They come the furthest and brought some food to share recipes and samples.....(thanks to Elder Higgs)
Elder Tima, Elder Matanga, Elder Higgs, Elder Chirwa
Each missionary spends one on one time with President Dunn in the room next to the front door where he interviews.
After his interview, Elder Chirwa led a discussion on the Word of Wisdom.
Afterwards, Elder Higgs shared his recipes. He started with a fruit dessert that begins with a papaya as the base, and then fruit and custard is added. Notice how he arranged the banana! This definitely gets presentation points!

Elder Higgs has only been in the mission field for this transfer and has just 5 weeks under his belt. It is so impressive that he would take the initiative to prepare and bring such great food. His recipes will be included in the green binder at the September zone conference.
President Dunn approved Elder Higgs' delicious pulled pork in the slow cooker. Excellent- thanks mom- (Sister Higgs) for sending your son out with great recipes!!:)

Once again, Sister Irene shared the demo with us and gave some great advice about preparing meals for yourself and learning to cook and eat healthy. "Your future wife will thank you", she said!

Thanks Elders for coming and participating today- and a special thanks to Elder Higgs for his great recipes and extra effort!
Go well!

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