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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Soweto Sons come for Interviews

The Soweto Zone arrived today with lots of energy. Every companionship came prepared for interviews with President Dunn and also brought food to demonstrate and share.
Elder Mbiriwiri (Zone Leader) Elder Chakanyuka, Elder Nelsen, Elder Ratsimbazfy, (Zone Leader) Elder Todd, Elder Powell, President Dunn, Elder Schnepf and Elder Avarell (District Leader)

Elder Avarell led a discussion on the importance of the Word of Wisdom and how we can not only teach it better, but also practice it better.

After we moved in to the kitchen and started the demonstrations. Elder Avarell explained hi "KFC Chicken Wrap," where he created his own version of a healthy chicken wrap. Delcious and impressive!

We all shared what we had made and then everyone got to sample all the recipes.

Elder Todd, with his new missionary, Elder Powell, tried their hand at a South African favorite..the Kota! But instead they made it a Mexican Kota, complete with guacamole, pico, taco seasoned mince and chips, which are french fries to those of us from North America.
Elder Nelsen brought a delicious omelette he made with hash brown potatoes, veggies and cheese. 
The omelette and the other food brought today met all the criteria of a great missionary recipe- inexpensive, quick, delicious and healthy!
Elder Mbiriwiri is explaining the rice dish his companion made.
The Elder Ratsimbazafy came back from being interviewed adn explained that his Riz Cantonais was a dish inspired from France and also Asia. It is full of vegetables and a little curry. Delcious.

Ready to eat! Elder Todd and Elder Powell added cheese on the top of their Mexican Kota and broiled them for a few minutes.
Happy faces- because they all brought great food and recipes to share.

Sister Irene shared some good advice for them. She reminded them to cook together on their P-days and make it fun and not a job. If you wait until you are hungry- preparing food is not so fun!

We then put everyone to work preparing fruits and vegetables for the next group.

We even had them submit all their delcious recipes for the green binder.

A few selfies!

Go well!
Elder Todd, Elder Powell, Elder Ratsimbazafy, Elder Schnepf, Elder Mbiriwiri, Elder Avarell, Elder Cahkanyuka and Elder Nelsen

President and Sister Dunn join the picture in front of the mission home.

Now Lucky the Gardener is in this one. He took the earlier photo for us, so we want to pay respect to our friend who keep the mission home yard so green and clean!

The next zone arrived- Pimville!
Elder Wardle began sharing his guitar talent with us while we were gathering.
Elder Eki taught the lesson on the Word of Wisdom and invited a discussion with everyone.

He even drew a diagram of how he teaches the Word of Wisdom to investigators. He starts with a funnel and makes a great point about how the faith, obedience and belief we have, funnels down to actual practices and habits that we live.

A great discussion was had by Elder Carr and Elder Wardle, with Elder Eki leading out.

Then, we headed to the kitchen for demonstrations. This group made Chicken Mayo Sandwiches under Elder Eki's direction. Tasty and filling!

There was no shortage of food in this session.

We added some pancakes to the menu, due to the fact that Elder Carr celebrated his birthday yesterday- so we had to have some kind of cake and a candle for him today.

We had many samples and enjoyed them all. Recipes to follow at zone conference.

Elder Wardle, President Dunn, Elder Carr, Elder Manoo and Elder Eki

Same group- just turned around! Loved having the Soweto Zone with us today. What a great group of missionaries.
They taught me a lot about the Word of Wisdom and how to eat even more healthy.

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  1. Haha those last two pictures!!!! Looks like lots of good food and fun during interviews! You have made it so fun!