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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

August Departing Elders

August 23, 2016
Well, it is transfer day again. This time around, we are sending off only 2 today, but saying good-bye to another 6 due to the fact they will leave between now and the next transfer on October 4, 2016.

So, we honored them all today by gathering them together with the new Elders that have come in today and enjoyed a Q and A for about an hour. We also heard departing testimonies from each of these great missionaries. They represent many countries today and we are glad we could gather them all for their final opportunity to officially go through the end of mission rituals of bering a testimony to new missionaries.
L to R: Elder Manuma, Elder De la Cruz, Elder bergman, Elder Rokotoarison, Elder Downs, Elder Bonifaz, Elder Todd, Elder Ratsimbazafy

Elder Bergman, Sweden
Leaves on September 20, 2016

Elder Bonifaz, Spain
Leaves on September 1, 12016 with his family who are picking him up.

Elder Downs
Leaves today- August 23, 2016

Elder Manuma, American Samoa
Leaves on September 27, 2016

Elder Rakotoarison, Madagascar
Leaves on August 19, 2016

Elder Ratsimbazafy, Madagascar
Leaves on September 27, 2016

Elder Todd from Lehi, Utah
Leaving today- Tuesday August 23, 2016

Elder De la Cruz, Spain
Leaves on August 25, 2016

Elder Pickup was released as an Assistant and Elder Dube will now join Elder Dean. Elder Pickup has been called to be a trainer again! 
Elder Bonifaz, Elder De la Cruz, Elder Ratsimbazafy, Elder Rakotoarison
Elder Bergman, Elder Downs, Elder Todd and Elder Manuma
Elder Bergman and Elder Downs

We enjoyed a unique departing day today. The temple is closed for the month of August, so instead we conducted final interviews at the mission home and completed final scrapbook pages. We then went to Carnivore for a final lunch with the departing Elders.

When we got to Carnivore, they told us they had closed for lunch due to some insect spraying they needed to do. Only in Africa!

So we ended up at Bistro Biden, a beautiful spot in the Cradle of Humankind that we have enjoyed before on on our P-days.

Our waiter David was delightful and made our lunch even more personal.

Everyone loved their lunch. It was a lovely afternoon to visit and reflect and enjoy great food together.

David kept us fed and entertained.

With one last picture in the Cradle...we headed to the airport.

President Moodlie from the Bedfordview Stake was there to say good-bye to Elder Todd and Elder Downs who both served in his Stake.

He definitely gets the award for the most support to missionaries from a member. He is amazing and keeps up the connections with returned missionaries.
So long- Elder Todd. What a great missionary you have been You will be missed. Good luck as you start school next week at BYU.

Good-bye Elder Downs. Safe travels back to Kansas- Good luck as you start school at BYU-Idaho next week.  Both of you, please keep in touch.

Elder De la Cruz leaves for Spain on Thursday August 25th. He also will be starting back at University soon.
Travel safe- you have left your mark on the SAJM!!
One final picture of Elder Dean, Elder Todd, Elder Pickup and Elder Downs

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