President and Sister Dunn

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

August Arrivals

On August 23rd, 2016 we welcomed a great new group of missionaries to the SAJM. 4 came in the morning from the MTC- the next 2 showed up in the evening coming from the States and the Provo MTC. The final 2 arrive on Wednesday August 24th from the Ghana MTC. A total of 9 new missionaries are blessing our mission.

What a day of arrivals:

Elder Dorn from Adelaide, Australia
Elder Eatough from Mapleton, Utah
Elder Greening from New Zealand

Elder Mkhize from South Africa

Elder Smith from Pampa, Texas
Elder Latu from New Zealand

Elder Curriden from North Carolina 

Elder Ansumana from Sierra Leone

Elder Kokotiko from Zimbabwe
Elder Greening with his new trainer and companions, Elder Powell

Elder Eatough with his new trainer and companions, Elder Hlophe

Elder Mkhize with his new trainer and companions, Elder Warnock

Elder Smith with his new trainer and companions, Elder Wegrowski

Elder Dorn with his new trainer and companions, Elder West.
Elder Curriden and his new trainer, Elder Pickup.
We met Elder Curriden at the airport as he came from the BYU MTC later in the day.

President Dunn and I meeting Elder Latu from his flight coming from his home in New Zealand. His trainer, Elder Benson will meet up with him later this evening.
This is the new missionaries and their trainers and the AP's enjoying a breakfast together as we wait for the final 2 missionaries form Ghana to arrive. We also have Elder De la Cruz with us as his flight to Spain is not until Thursday August 25th. One more day to share the gospel.
Our final arrivals came with Joseph from the area office. He picked them up at 6:30 am and brought them to the mission home. We also enjoyed getting acquainted before they went to their area's with their new companions.
Elder Kokotiko with Elder Mazinyane and Elder Ansumana with Elder Wardle. More pictures to come.

Last but not least, our late arriving missionaries were pictured today with their trainers.
Elder Pickup training Elder Curriden.
Elder Benson with his son on mission, Elder Latu

Elder Wardle is training Elder Ansumana
Elder Mazinyane is training Elder Kokotiko


  1. Fine looking group of missionaries. A Texas family thanks you so much for posting.

  2. What a blessing to wake up and see a smiling face we recognise! Thank you for sharing...xx