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Monday, August 22, 2016

Helping Hands Day of Service

Each year a Helping Hands Day is identified in SouthEast Africa and wards and branches find projects in the community to put their attention towards. I have posted pictures of various projects and hope to receive more pictures of Elders serving- so I can add to this post.

Thanks to Sister Charchenko for sending these first photos form their branch project.
Elder Greener serving on the Helping Hands Day of Service in Potchefstrrom alongside members.

Elder Sousa
Projects are approved and implemented under the direction of local priesthood leaders, although individuals serving on local public affairs councils are assigned to organize, supervise, and evaluate the projects.

Elder Greener
 I was able to participate in three projects in Gauteng and specifically the Johannesburg Stake and get some photos. 

Missionaries are encouraged to engage in community service each week while serving as a full time missionary. These projects can give idea's about other projects they can engage in all year long.

First stop- Alexandra Community Center
August 20, 2016
Alexandra Branch showed up today to help plant trees for the Community Center.  Under the direction of Mary Ndaba and the Branch President, they got a lot of people out.

The project was to clean up the grounds and plant trees. Mary was able to get a donation from the local nursery to provide more trees.

The Alexandra Branch does not currently have any missionaries, but their membership is strong and they came out en mass today.

This is Phillip, who serves with the Public Affairs of the Johannesburg Stake. He is helping oversee all the various projects going on today.

As a township, Alexandra needs a lot of service and assistance. The following pictures are en route from one project to the next.

Sister Wendy Malpage is helping with the Randburg Ward's service project. Wendy is here every week helping at both the old age home and the creche where children are cared for.

Today the ward is putting all their effort on fixing up the children's preschool or creche. They are painting walls in the courtyard where the children play and putting up a shade awning.

Also, they are painting the school room and putting murals and new educational posters back on the walls.

All the toys need organizing and cleaning.
In the future, efforts are planned to repair the roof to stop the rain form coming in.

The Director was present today and helping guide the projects. She was so appreciative.

She also identified food they could use in their pantry and this good member went off to buy supplies for them.

Wendy has been a great community contact and friend. She has her fingers in so many worthwhile projects. I am so blessed to associate with her and have connected missionaries to the projects as much as possible.
Toy cleaning was a bi part of the project today!

Finished painting project!


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