President and Sister Dunn

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

August 2016 Transfer Day

Our day starts early at the MTC where we pick up the new missionaries. 

What a great new group that seems very enthusiastic.

The long walk across the parking lot begins

A brief introduction happens here int he office. They each get a quick rotation where they meet everyone in the office. Thursday is a more in depth day of orientation.

Meet with Elder Wells and learn about repairing and maintaining flats and phones.
Sister Larson explains about the materials and supplies.

Elder Larson gets Elders set up with their allotment cards and also talks briefly about cars and bikes.

I get a chance to meet them briefly and give them their green binder and introduce them to the health insurance plan and overall info about the next few days.

The Assistants tell them about their area's and companions and they see their pictures on the mission board.

Sister Wells shows them each the bunker and talks about their bedding and flat supplies that are available.

Everyone puts a pin on the world map marking where they have come from. Elder Dorn is marking Australia!
More of the same below!

The transfer day rolls forward with all the elders exchanging in the parking lot of the mission office. 

Elder and Sister Duncan are our newest senior couple serving now in Klerksdorp. We were glad they could come down with the transfer.

Our Assistants changed today and we bid farewell to Elder Pickup. He has served so well  for a long time and we are excited for him to train as his last leadership assignment of his mission.
We are excited to welcome Elder Dube as an Assistant with Elder Dean.


  1. Love the last pic! Cute new AP's!

  2. Thank you so much for giving me a glimpse of my son as a missionary (through your eyes/camera) these last 2 years! I have so enjoyed this blog and will likely still follow the rest of your mission, even though I have Elder Todd home. We appreciate your example and all the wonderful things you have done for him and for South Africa.