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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

So Long Elder Swindlehurst

On Monday August 7, 2026, Elder Swindlehurst spent his last night in the mission home...with his family! His parents, Lee and Karen Swindlehurst and brother Brian, came to pick him up from his mission. They traveled for 10 days and then went to Cape Town. While there, Elder Swindlehurst found these SA socks. Pretty cool, huh?
We enjoyed hosting them in the mission home for a night and even put Lee to work making hotcakes in the morning.

Elder Swindlehurst was able to say good-bye to a few Elders as they arrived for interviews!
We will miss him and excited to see him upon our return to Utah next year.

Brian, Karen, Adam and Lee Swindlehurst
We feel fortunate to meet Elder Swindlehurst's parents and brother.
It is always special to meet some of our missionaries parents, they represent all the wonderful parents that are supporting these great young men. Even though we will not meet many of our missionaries parents, we can feel the love they have for their sons and each one that comes represents all of the families out there.

So long Elder Swindlehurst........See you next year!

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