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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Transfer Day is Here Again!

Transfer Day is Here Again!

An  early morning has the departing Elders (Kalani, Stapley, Matos and Kolditz) waiting for the 7 am hour so they can greet and meet the newest Elders to the SAJM.
Walking from the Johannesburg MTC into the South Africa Johannesburg Mission is a very short distance!  We are so lucky that the Johannesburg MTC is located on the same property as our SAJM Mission Office. 
President and Sister Dunn and the AP's then get to formally receive them. 
We love the morning hour we spend together to ask questions and share experiences. It is one of my favorite parts of the transfer day. The departing elders always share such honest, genuine advice and feelings. They often plead with the new missionaries to try to realize now that time is fleeting and a mission is the most special opportunity they will ever have. 
Following the morning orientation for the new Elders, we move into the transfer meeting.  Our AP's and President Dunn go to a lot of effort to get all of the changes made and ready to announce.
We have loved and appreciated Elder Malapula as our AP for the past 12 weeks. He goes back into the field as a great missionary on every level. Below are candid shots after the transfer meeting when everyone is transitioning.

Pictured above 1)Elder Taylor, 2)Elder Stapley and Elder Malapula, 3)Elder Masoka, 4)Elder Koyle and Elder Worton.

1)Elder Christie and Elder Taylor, 2)Elder McCartney, 3)Elder Stapley and Malupula and 4)Elder Matos
Elder Kolditz had the distinction of wearing the infamous "brown suit" for this transfer. It is passed along to whoever it fits and worn each transfer meeting by someone. They all sign the inside lining as well.

After the transfer meeting, we headed to the mission home with those departing today, Elder Stapley and Elder Kolditz. We also invited the Tzaneen Elders that were headed back to Limpopo. Elder Dye stayed with us to pick up his new companion and Elder Koyle, as our new Assistant came for lunch with his group and then heads up to do some training in his "whitewashed" area in Modjadji. Busy and memorable times in the mission home.

Our Three Assistants: Elder Menendez, Worton and Koyle! What a great team this is. We value the experience they bring. Collectively, they pretty much have covered the entire mission and areas in their time here. They will bring great ideas, energy and example to the SAJM!

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  1. can't wait to be there for a transfer day. laughing at the "captions coming" hahaha.
    proud of you for getting all of these photos posted all the time!