President and Sister Dunn

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sunnyside Zone- Interviews on the road

We came to where the Elders were in the Sunnyside area of Pretoria!
Elder Bonifaz, Elder Hunt, Elder Richards, Elder Rogers, Elder Barendse, President Dunn, Elder Christie, Elder Tumarae and Elder Nicotra

Also seated below in the primary room, awaiting the interviews from President Dunn

We enjoyed time together today. I brought some of the service ideas, book marks and talks. Afterwards, we watched a great conference talk from the past, Come Join With Us, by President Deiter F. Uchtdorf

This as a great talk to discuss after we had the pleasure of listening to it with both groups.
Elder Kufoloar, Elder Smith-Holley, Elder Wambua*, Elder Benge, Elder Dutson* gathering in the primary room awaiting interviews. They were actually the first group that come on Thursday April 16th from the Sunnyside Zone.
*Thanks to our Zone Leaders for organizing and leading out!

Singing time, with Elder Smith-Holley conducting the music. 
We are lucky to have Elder Dutson able to play music.

Watching and listening to President Uchtdorf's talk from conference in October 2013. 
Elder Richards, Rogers, Barendse and President Dunn throwing around  a rugby ball for a moment was a nice way to end our time together in Sunnyside.

Sunnyside Elders. Loved being with all of them on this interview day on the road.

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