President and Sister Dunn

Monday, April 13, 2015

A Missionary Fireside

On Sunday March 29th President Dunn and  I were invited to a fireside in the Vosloorus Ward. We decided to attend sacrament and all our meetings there first.  After the 3 hour block of church, we were surprised that the fireside for YM/YW began right after church.

All the youth then stayed for another 2 hours listening to all of the returned missionaries from their ward bear their testimonies. It was actually so meaningful and touching. Yet, even more surprising was the attentiveness of all of these young people. They sat on the edge of their seats and paid attention and really seemed interested, President Dunn and I were asked to share our testimonies at the end.

We were so impressed with the caliber of all of the returned missionaries and the depth of the testimonies.  

One of the highlights was participating with our missionares, Elder Maraetefau, Eder Watenga, Elder Ndwandwe and Ruston and Rakotoarison. They are doing such an excellent job in this ward. It was one of the most vibrant and energetic wards we have had the pleasure of visiting.  we were so apprecitive of the opporutnity to participate with them and gained so much.
We were all treated to a lunch of wors, beans and pap afterwards.

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  1. i love all of these beautiful faces...and love your springy top!