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Friday, April 17, 2015

New Elders get Oriented

A Fall Orientation
April 2015
3 New Elders are trained

On Wednesday April 15th,  fall is beginning in South Africa. 

We gathered with the 3 new Elders, Mapenda, Masiya and Souza were able to drive in with their companions, Mayenda, Rini and Farnes to give them a deeper sense of the mission than we could offer to them on their first day.

Elder Paul and Elder Reynolds are serving in the Tzaneen Zone and so we will take this show on the road and orient them in two weeks.

Today was small group, due to the fact that only 5 were new and 3 serve close enough. We had a lovely morning session that hopefully gave them a strong sense of this great mission.  We discussed maps, maxims, areas, the binders, the rules and how to support them.
Arriving at the gate, greeted by our 3 Assistants, Elder Menendez, Koyle and Worton.

First to come, Elder Mayenda as trainer, with Elder Mapenda. You have to love these similar names. They are brothers from different mothers...and countries!

The entire group has arrived. President Dunn going down to officially greet them as well.

Meet our group for today:
Elder Mayenda* and Elder Mapenda
Elder Souza with Elder Farnes*
Elder Rini* with Elder Masiya
President and Sister Dunn get to also welcome them all.

Elder Menendez, Elder Koyle and Elder Worton
also greet and welcome this great group.

During the orientation time, they hear from the AP's about the various areas in the mission, then all the new Elders get introduced by their companions. The AP’s give a great overview of each area in the mission.

President Dunn tells about our family and also the mission maxims and lets everyone asks questions.

Singing the mission song at the end is always special. The new Elders can find the words and music in their new green binders. Elder Menendez played the music for us today. Impressive that has has been practicing his ability to play this song..and he can, very well!

During the time here, we get a good feel for the companionships and how they are doing. We cannot believe how much love they show for each other. It is really touching to see how much the new Elders rely on their trainers. This is a very sweet part of the mission experience.
Lunch follows and this is always a great time to be together and socialize before they leave.
President Dunn with Elder Mayenda and Elder Mapenda.

Elder Souza from Brazil has his hamburger piled high.

Elder Masiya made sure to grab a peanut butter cookie on top of his burger!:)

The Prez with Elder Menendez! These two help get it all ready and alwasy wait to be the last through the food line!

Lunch on the back porch is enjoyed by everyone. Even Irene and Sister Dunn find time to sit down and enjoy a delicious burger. this was our best one yet. We were sharing Zulu phrases and it made us laugh a lot over lunch!!

Another great fall day with perfect temperatures!
I even spied the dog in the next yard enjoying the day and finding something moving in the grass! :) Miss my Kona Dog when I see spot another  pooch. Hope she is watching us from her heaven view! 

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  1. I love the fall colors! So crazy it is fall there. I want one of those hamburgers right now!

    I know Kona is not only watching, she LIVES there with you guys and loves Joburg!