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Monday, April 13, 2015

April Interviews and Service Workshop

Welcome Elders to April 2015 Interviews and Workshop:

In the month of April 2015, we will meet with every missionary and participate with them in the interview process. We have the privilege of doing this every second transfer and about once every 3 months. In other words, we only get to do this four times a year. So, needless to say, we cherish this time and try to make it as meaningful as possible. Each missionary only gets about 15 minutes with President Dunn. But in that time, he can access their progress, joys, challenges and overall well being. Even though he writes them every week and responds to their letters, there is nothing like a face to face meeting.

While they are getting interviewed, I have workshops going on at the same time.  This time I chose to focus our workshop on service, since we spent time on this topic in the last zone conference.

I started with a "Service Station" where we gathered and watched this video:

 and then I gave them a handout of 100 service idea's. These idea's have come from their own remarks during the zone conference workshop.

The Centurion Zone showed up on Friday April 10th for our first round of interviews. While they are waiting for the 2 hours for everyone to have time with President Dunn, I involved them in a series of service ideas and activities.
Purpose: To use the time to raise awareness and skills of serving others.  These skills also help you to serve yourself, by being able to clean, cook, entertain and thank others. These are all forms of service you can use to help others and also help yourself ….to be a more self-reliant person!:) *

Serve with all your heart, might, mind and strength. When you serve others, you also serve yourself!
Elder Jada cooking for the group
Cookin' In! Using the recipe provided, each group makes a pan of cornbread muffins. The purpose is to show how quick, easy and inexpensive it can be to make something for yourself and also for others. They were encouraged to share the muffins.
Elder Brasher above with Elders Broadhead, Anderson, Dube and Aisnlie below
Iron It Out! Elder Smalley and Phiri served by ironing a few shirts. They even ironed one of mine! Many Elders serve their companion by ironing their shirts.

Clean it Up! Lots of cleaning took place around the mission home on Friday. Elders henley and Garnica transformed the front pation and window. Elder Adjei and Elder Smalley helped clean the dishes. 

Give Thanks! Another way to serve is to take the time to write thank you notes. Elder Larsen and Adjei are able to deliver the nice thank you notes they wrote. It is a good reminder to keep this habit up.

Elder Henley and Brasher even get to take home some of the muffins to share with investigators and/or members!

Elder Ainslie, Broadhead, Thompson and Tye say goodnight at  the end of interviews.

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