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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Roodepoort Rocks!

The Roodepoort Zone showed up for interviews today. We even had two birthdays to celebrate in the first group with Elder Kwaibaisi and Elder Thompson. Pictured here are Elder Quigley, Kwaibaisi, Thompson, Taylor, Brown, Deichmann and Silvester.
Singing happy birthday
Elder Kairu and Elder Smith are the leaders of this great zone
The service begins while the interviews take place!
Elder Kwabaisi and Elder Quigley getting ironed shirts ready for the MTC.

Elder Brown helps with the process. These Elders are good at ironing shirts perfectly!

Elder Taylor is quite the cornbread chef!

Elder Thompson whipped up his muffins quickly and now washing all his dishes.  Impressive!

Elder Silvester and Elder Deichman serving in the missionary room. They had fun while they were at it!

Elder Kwabaisi and Elder Quigley using their musical talents to serve!
Next group: Elder Pedersen makes a mean cornbread muffin.

Elder Graham and Elder Majozi unwrap and iron new shirts for the MTC to give to Elders needing more clothing.

Elder Bergman taking time to offer service by giving thanks.

Elder Dean hard at work mixing up muffins

Elder Mukasa also writing some notes today.

Elder Mdletshe and Elder Robins cleaning up the fall leaves, keeping the mission home clean.

Before they leave, everyone enjoyed muffin, apples and conversation It was a great day with the Roodepoort Zone. We really enjoyed visiting with and sharing service ideas with each and everyone of them.  They left the house better than they found it in every way.
A new cat in the house is keeping an eye on everyone. 

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